1. AussieDollar

    Question about file uploads to UploadGig / Nitroflare - DMCA

    I noticed sites like uploadgig and nitroflare have affiliate programs that pay for users to download their files which you can upload. I've understood that you shouldn't sell softwares/courses/Ebooks/Plugins on your website directly for lawsuit and DMCA reasons. So how much different is it if...
  2. jriz

    [Method] Combine CPA + PPD & Making Money by Giving Away Websites

    Howdy BHWers, I'm not a frequent poster here, but I've been lurking this site for a while. This is probably my longest post so far, and I'm psyched to finally have something useful to share here with all of you. I guess this post is partly a tutorial, partly a request for advice, and also Step...
  3. spikespiegel

    Where can I promote PPD files in order for them to be found by search engines?

    I'm not sure as to where to post this, so I'll post here: I have some files prepared for a PPD (Pay per download) scheme, before I used to promote them using torrent websites, but nowadays it's very hard to find a torrent website that allows registration. I need to know: which alternatives can...
  4. beatrix_filerice

    How much money do you earn from PPD method?

    Many people have earned the first $100 quite unexpectedly when sharing their files on a movie download channel. The number of downloads, file size and traffic source are the 3 most important factors to determine how much money you make from PPD. Do you have any experience with PPD? Please share
  5. S

    PPD services like keep2share and filemonster, are any of them good for making money?

    I have been able to get my hands on a lot of porn for free. Gay, straight, and trans content. A lot of old videos and a lot of new 4k videos. Quite a bit of it isn't available on torrent sites yet. I should have access to new content pretty regularly as well. I was looking around to see if there...
  6. digi robot

    Best Monetisation Methods For File Download Website ?

    guys, I'm gonna start a website where visitors can download paid files for free. I read some articles about the method and PPD sites are not very user-friendly I think. (slow download speed, asking emails and other stuff) I guess locking my download files is a good way. But I have 0 experience...
  7. spikespiegel

    Can't find good torrent sites for uploading

    I'm looking for a good torrent site for uploading, so far I haven't found any, as most of them are either with their registrations closed or they have a manual approval system. Please let me know your traffic sources for torrents, it doesn't necessarily need to be torrent websites.
  8. V

    Affiliate program which focuses on Pay Per Install / Pay Per Download

    Hi, in 2015 I work with truemediaparter but the site is closed, I have 5 blogs that have 600-1500 visits, anyone know similar sites
  9. Hackerwashere

    How to Earn Money From PPD (Pay Per Downloads) sites

    Hello, Friends, I am new here and I want your help for what are the best site for PPD (Pay Per Downloads). I checked some sites but I am still confused so please give me your views and you guys are working. Thank You Very Much In Advance.
  10. seosuccessor

    Question about PPD

    I'm thinking of ranking a website offering certain virtual goods for free, in return the visitor will need to download an app(s) from an app install network. My question is, if this visitor downloads the app, and receives goods, and comes back 24 hours later and repeats the same process, will...
  11. Chiku Arsen

    Please suggest me best websites which Pays Per Downloads

    I'm new to this field and so I am willing to know which website you guys prefer the most for Pay per downloads???
  12. S

    Back in business

    Hi everyone, My name is Vasile, and i was in the CPA, PPD, PPI and other techniques like this in the past, working with adgatemedia and others for offers. Have experience with WP websites, had some dozens, with games, movies, etc, also for getting offers completed and trafic, for pop-up...
  13. ziko12345

    What are the top PPI/PPD networks?

    I want to monetize my yt videos and some other stuff as well with pay per install or pay per download. Can someone suggest me some good networks? Please and thank you!
  14. digi robot

    best PPD service 2019? need a quick help

    Hello guys I'm planing to host a file download site. but first I want to try some services. ppd services/ ad networks to run and also some affiliate sites so as your experience what is the best paying PPD service without servays. my most downloders will come from 3rd tire countries. So are...
  15. Bennett Jimmy

    Is pinapfile.com Legit?

    Hello guys, I found this PPD site, somehow too good to be true, I have good tier 1 downloads traffic IDK if anyone here has tried pinapfile? I see random reviews online, both good & bad, is it worth the risk?
  16. Prateek Harsh

    Any legit PPD (Pay Per Download) Website in 2019, who really pay?

    Is their any legit PPD website exists in 2019 without any survey option. Most of them are closed or they are not paying any more. I have tried to find out in blogs but did not convince with anyone of them. BHW is the best place to get answer from the most experienced members. Anyone is earning...
  17. Tompaloka

    Question from a newbie

    Hi. I saw a thing on twitter where a guy said ”Get free gift cards if you install this app” I clicked and It looked really nice. Now I want to try the same thing but since I haven’t worked with PPI/PPD I’m quite lost. So his content locker looked like this...
  18. F

    $30/day guide to PPD

    his guide will tell you how to start making cash right away online with little to no investment. It's dependent on PPD and macro sites, can be expandable for more than $30/day, the more effort you put into it, the more you'll make money. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK GUIDE, this is real work...
  19. L

    How To Monetize a 60k+ Youtube Channel??

    Hey guys I have a youtube channel growing from 300-1000 susbscribers a day , and I wanna know the best way to make money from it! I'm getting 500,000 views monthly and I get 30k -100k views per video I live in the United States and I make Content in Spanish so my CPM is extremely low :( How...
  20. Powefull Army

    Best PPD NEtwork

    Which PPD Network Pays daily and high payout?
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