please help me

  1. S

    Can anyone help? WhatsApp this year

    Hello can anyone help me? I need a free way of generating bulk WhatsApp accounts, if you know how, And are willing to help, Leave. Your message below. With Skyp name
  2. R

    how to make money online

    can any one help me please
  3. M


    Hello everyone!
  4. F

    Help plz !

    alsalam ealaykum I am a 20 year old girl. I am currently living in Morocco, in Tangier. I left my studies for family reasons. I belong to a very poor family. My father left us and immigrated to Spain in search of a better life. Luckily my mother works and she feeds us and takes care of us that...
  5. malam

    How can I get an bet365 affiliate account ? Please help

    I want to create an bet365 affiliate account. Please help me anyone who has real experience to create an affiliate account on bet365. I also want to know how much can I earn form this ? Once again I need authentic solution.
  6. A

    [help please ] hello I really need help guys I need someone teach me how to make money online

    Hello everyone my name is alex am 20 years old . am looking for someone to teach me how to make money online , I really want to start money and help my family out I swear to god . please please please help mee , am waiting for you guys , and please I need help thank you ,
  7. D

    A few dollar if you show me how to make a sale with dropshipping given what I've done

    Hi, I'm trying to get into dropshipping and posted in the introductions section (maybe there are no replies because maybe I'm not supposed to ask for help there). I've been using Terapeak and Pricematik, but there are either too many existing listings to compete with, or there are few listings...
  8. pulkitseo

    How to create Sitemap or sitemaps ? Please Help

    Can anyone in BHW guide me of how to create sitemap of sitemaps ? I have come through a website which has sitemap of Sitemaps, if anyone can guide me how to create such sitemap. Site with sitemap of sitemaps in the url below : Note: This is not WordPress site and even...
  9. pulkitseo

    what are the activities that we can do in SEO without content ?

    Hello Everyone, I hope to see some guys helping me out..I would like to know what are the SEO activities that we can perform with content... Is PDF or doc sharing of the website content is worth ? I am seriously need of answers thanks and regards, Pulkit Thakur
  10. pulkitseo

    How to calculate minimum budget ?

    Hello everyone, How can we calculate minimum budget of campaign based on three keywords ? I have no idea how to give minimum budget to the client for adwords campaign (given three keywords ) I would like to know detailed procedure how to give minimum budget to the client...This is first PPC...
  11. pulkitseo

    how to find uncrawled pages of the site ?

    I have tried webmaster tool it shows 109 linksi have tried manually by site:www dot domainname dot com and shows around 190 linksi have tried by generating site map which shows around 100 linksbut now my question is how to find links that haven't crawled by Google ?can anyone help or suggest...
  12. pulkitseo

    how to get username which is taken by someone who doesn't use it?

    there is a username in twitter which is almost dead account and i want that how to get username which is taken by someone who doesn't use it? i need username for my site. the user have none followers and is following none
  13. pulkitseo

    Where all can amusement park be advertised in Digital Media ?

    i am looking for answer. can anyone tell Where all can amusement park be advertised in Digital Media ? since i have never done that ...i would like to know if anyone has some experience thanks
  14. pulkitseo

    googlebot can't access your site robots.txt

    Can anyone tell what i need to do ? here is a message which I got domain dot com: Googlebot can't access your site Feb 8, 2014 Over the last 24 hours, Googlebot encountered 14 errors while attempting to access your robots.txt. To ensure that we didn't crawl any pages listed in that file, we...
  15. W

    180k/month but only making $1000 via adsense

    I have couple of websites. 2 of them get 90k visits each per month. I started them in the beginning of 2013 and they have been making about 1k a month from adsense ever since. I was really very excited about it at the start, I still am. But I see no growth. It does not go any higher than that. I...
  16. G

    can dot biz extension be used for discussion forum?

    can dot biz extension be used for discussion forum which is not business oriented rather for some spiritual discussion forum ?
  17. pulkitseo

    can anyone guide me how much can a forum cost and few more questions?

    I have few questions before trying for forums 1) How much would it cost to create a forum ? 2) what all I need to learn so that I can manage discussion forum by myself? 3) How many guys will be needed to manage the forum ? 4) has anyone over here been successful with forum if yes how ? 5) Has...
  18. G

    advertisement not showing up in blogspot

    I put code of chitika in blog and did everything what was guided to me here but ad is still not showing up...i cleared cache, i turned off system, i m checking it next day but still its not showing i need to wait for few more days? in coding i can see chitika ads code
  19. pulkitseo

    In page analytics not working please help

    Google analytics is working fine but In-page analytics not working please help...I mean to say its not tracking in-page analytics.. can anyone tell whats wrong with it ?
  20. pulkitseo

    can anyone tell me free tool like backlink watch

    can anyone tell me free tool like backlink watch that gives only backlinks domains list and not add-ons along with the domain..I have tried small seo tool and majestic tool by they are not good enough... I need help please tell me about some free tool
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