how to get username which is taken by someone who doesn't use it?


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Apr 25, 2013
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there is a username in twitter which is almost dead account and i want that how to get username which is taken by someone who doesn't use it?
i need username for my site.
the user have none followers and is following none
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use this method

~snipped link

LOL. I read that when that happened. Not sure why people do such stuff just for a username.

OP- You may get the username if that's your registered trademark by contacting Twitter. That's the only legal way you can do that.
No way out except suffixing characters at the end like domaincom,domainonline etc.
OP whatever you do, don't be this guy.

What I would do is leave a message and then send them a password recovery which will bring their attention to twitter and they may notice your message. Much better than stealing.
Please guide me how to do it step by step..
Why not just simply ask the user? Send a few messages his/her way and maybe find them on other sites that they are active on that you can contact them on.
You will have to choose another one. I don't think that it is a big problem that your username will be slightly different.
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