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  1. M

    How to avoid movies copyrights on playstore review

    Hi, I have been planning to make an android app that will contain copyrighted content. I see lots of app are already available in Google Play ( for example movie streaming apps ) and some of them even using Admob. How is this possible since those apps are directly violating Google's...
  2. tored

    How are movies and series apps work on play store ?!

    Hi I want to understand why google play store doesn't block these apps ..and they use admob system ads ?!
  3. C

    Android Movie Streaming App

    Hello Everyone, I want to start a new journey in mobile apps , i want to make an android video streaming app But I don't know from where to start and also I need to know what do i need to create one, and also i need to understand the working system of this kind of applications Thanks in advance
  4. azuriixoxo

    Play Store Downloads

    Hi all I've been lurking for a long time here and thought its time to participate in BHW since I really want to get some money on the table. I've already tried a method in the music streaming niche that didn't go as expected (but still running) and I thought about banking slightly in the play...
  5. santhej

    [Journey]$100/Day From Android Apps In 3 Months

    I have been into app business before and did make a nice amount from it. However I did leave the industry almost 2 years ago, after I was fed up with account bans from Google Play. For the past 2 years I focused on my other business which is generating a stable income now. As of now I have the...
  6. R

    How to Get More App Downloads ?

    Hi, I am looking for more app download's ? the best white hat and cheap way these seems to be working...Can anyone please suggest ? Thanks
  7. RealDaddy

    [Help] How can I do keyword Research for Google Play Store

    Hello Bhw, Just wanted to know about doing keyword research for Google Play. Any tool, free or paid. Or any process that You recommend for finding keywords. Thanks.
  8. E

    please help multiple google developer accounts

    After closing my developer account, I opened another one and wanted to work on it from the same computer and avoid the " multiple account " please help me give me a method please
  9. LucasL

    Does submitting an app on Google Play create a backlink from ?

    I saw on a competitor site that he had a backlink in do follow from the play store... Does submitting an app on Google Play create a backlink from ? If so, from a seo point of view, can it be worth creating a "fake application" just to get a backlink? Thanks
  10. Tenebra23

    Looking for an android game builder

    I'm quite busy at University learning C (but the old standard... so it's quite useless) and for now I have no time learning another language (and software) for programming games. I'm quite good at making graphics and music and I have ideas for the mechanics, I don't even want to make a complex...
  11. Tchiko

    Contact who post a comment in play store

    Hi BHW, I want to know if there is way to contact who post a comment in Play Store and i'm not an owner of the app ? Thank's for all
  12. kurosaki4d

    How to make users want to click on Admob Ad ?

    Hi, I've launched a few games in Google Store but i still haven't gotten any clicks on the Ads (Admob). That got me thinking why would the user even want to click on the Ad, i mean in my case when i use apps or games i never click on the ads that show up ! I wanted to know if there is a trick...
  13. medaguili10

    How can I find a profitable niche on Google Play?

    Hello guys i'm starting a re-skinning apps business ( i"m not planing to stick in it ) ; i have made 4 apps till now , but it gave me nothing , 1$ in ad-mob a week ( sucks ) , so i want to know how can i find a good/profitable niche to work on it ?!
  14. lockheadsr71b

    Can't Download Apps from Google Play when using emulator

    Hi everyone, So this is a recent issue. Whenever I try to download an app from the Play Store it always gets stuck on the downloading page. I did try a couple of gmail accounts. Also I tried it both on Nox and a VM running Remix OS but same result. I also tried deleting the app cache(this has...
  15. kurosaki4d

    Create multiple accounts (Reskin)

    Hello All, Lately i got envolved into Reskin, however what worries me is how Google bans you and doesn't let you connect again because of the data that it collect from it's users, from my research i found out those following data prevent you from creating future accounts : - Ip address -...
  16. hardik9099

    admob account help!

    my admob account blocked for "invalid activity" i think someone clickbomb the ads in my android app. i was getting 15-20$ from organic reach, now zero... app is still on playstore getting installs. question is: can i use another admob in same app ? or they will ban it too. admob is paying...
  17. Ecodor

    Keyword Planner for Google Play Store

    Is there a tool to see what keywords are searched on Play Store the most?
  18. iloveubanij

    Earning through an application is still a good idea or not

    Hey guys just want to discuss something about android application and it's earning. I have an idea and it's related youth niche and it will be a boom if that application have facebook app and android app both. I was thinking about to create it by myself because it's not too complex the logic...
  19. Speppo

    Incentivized App Installs Question

    Hi guys, i made a new app and uploaded it to the play store. My question is: Is it good to buy incentivized installs to boost my ranking or google will catch me? Thx to all :)
  20. P

    Need gmail USA account

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