1. DT Media Agency

    The most effective way to raise Facebook Pixels

    If you want to raise super strong pixels for marketers to convert, the boss needs to prepare 01 VIA/CLONE trust. Never violated any Facebook policy, can only "log in on 1 computer and 1 phone only". I will write a separate article explaining how to raise VIA/CLONE in the future. To raise super...
  2. DT Media Agency


    PIXEL FACEBOOK KEY CONVERTER FACEBOOK ADS Hello everyone, recently many people who have made friends from Fb to the Zalo group have asked me many questions, most of them only care about my content and how to set up ads, but they don't care about a very important factor which is the Fb Pixel...
  3. CloakBro

    [GUIDE] How to fire Pixel Event when using a Cloaker

    What's up, guys! Let's talk about Pixel events, why they are important, and how to set them up when you're using a cloaker. What are Pixel events? Pixel events are crucial for your Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook uses data from your pixel to optimize your ads and find better audiences...
  4. Toz

    Google Pixel 7 Pro

    I purchased my Pixel 7 Pro on October 13th (the day it was released). I love this phone. But... There are a few problems, as a long time Samsung user. First off, I miss the digital buttons at the bottom of the screen: 'Back', 'Home', 'Other Opened Apps'. I hadn't realized just how much I...
  5. iDOnotHAVEuserNAME

    Alright, should we talk about facebook contingency?

    I wanna discuss a little bit about the main strategy now for facebook contingency, where you create many profiles, many Business manager accounts, and share the facebook pixel in between all of this assets for BlackHat products, anybody want to start the conversation?
  6. Bigcookies

    Facebook pixel

    My website is linked to a disabled Facebook account and now I can't unlink it is it possible to run facebook ads without a pixel?
  7. ninatsa

    Import Products with Pixel

    What is the script to add to Facebook pixel to let it import items from the website? I got this in the debugger tool: Errors A required field is missing: id A required field is missing: image_link A required field is missing: title A required field is missing: price A required field is...
  8. Jerick1

    [question] facebook pixel

    Hello,Guys. I'm a newbie in this forum but i read a lot. I have an question about facebook pixel and i don't know how to continue my ads. For a while i was running ads in facebook black hat niche and i have some purchases but at one time purchases was going down then i stop the ad and make...
  9. Gentle Mako

    Soon iOS 14 will affect all your ads....

    Did you guys hear what apple is doing with iOS 14??? Facebook warns Apple’s iOS 14 could shave more than 50% from Audience Network revenue CNBC article: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/26/facebook-apple-ios-14-could-cut-audience-network-revenue-in-half.html BTW this is not only for FB but...
  10. zebestof230

    Warm up the Facebook Pixel with another website

    Hello, someone knows if it's possible to warm up a pixel for one website with another website ? And warming up a Pixel without paid advertising first ? I plan to make viral content to my target audience and then use this audience to target ad at them. Two different website tho ^^ Let me know ...
  11. A

    Reduce Facebook Adspend

    It’s Q4 so we all know what that means: more competition + more spending on Facebook ads. I’m going to show you how to reduce your ad spend with this method that super turbo charges your user targeting on Facebook. (For Free!) Most people get their news, opinions and facts from Facebook...
  12. G

    Any Info On Facebook Pixel and Blackhat Ads

    Hey Forum, Struggling to get the right audience for FB ads without pixel but not sure how the pixel can interact with cloaker/safe page/pre sell/sale. Any ideas at all on where it goes? Also, does anyone know if the pixel is even valuable when it comes to BH?
  13. darind

    The untold secret about the Facebook pixel. Is this how to use it?

    Hi. Can somebody please tell me if I had understood how the Facebook pixel really works? I m gonna run some ads with $20/ day for the next 2-4 weeks. This after I ll do some tests to find few ad copy winners. And the last thing is to make an LLA after I l have around 100 sales on this pixel...
  14. K

    FB Pixel and cloaking

    Hope someone can help. Wondering what is common practice here. Is it smart at all to place FB pixel on our BH ad account and campaign website (on "money page" and "safe page"). Have you experienced that your campaigns could stay hidden longer with no pixel? I know in WH they are more profitable...
  15. A

    "Your Pixel isn't active..."?

    Shall I fire the pixel by myself, or better to wait my first conversion? (FB Ads)
  16. repsis16

    Facebook pixel sharing

    Hello everyone, My question is the following - will I lose my pixel, if my ad account will be closed by Facebook? So basically I have 2 ad accounts under the business manager - I have shared my main accounts pixel with my secondary account. So if my main account will be closed, what happens to...
  17. repsis16

    Re-use Facebook Pixel

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking BHW for couple of years now, had a lot of unfinished projects and one successful dropshipping store. I was using FB ads to drive traffic and had more than 2000 conversions. For personal reasons, I had to sell the store and I am currently owing Facebook 550...
  18. E

    Looking for cheap traffic (pixel traffic, junk traffic)

    Hello, Does anyone offer cheap traffic for websites? The following traffic methods are preferred: pixel traffic or popup traffic If you do supply cheap traffic, please don't hesitate to add me on skype: tazfan69 or drop a private message here on black hat world.
  19. Snoopp

    Facebook ViewContent Event [!]

    Hi, I am optimizing Fb traffic for ViewContent Event with my pixel. My funnel usually looks like that: Facebook Ad ---> Landing Page ---> Product Page ---> ... BUT sometimes I sent traffic directly to Product Page so then it looks like that: Fb Ads ---> Product Page ---> ... QUESTION...
  20. S

    Facebook Re-Targeting Pixel - Is It Reliable?

    Hey Guys, I'm currently using Facebook's native re-targeting pixel to build my custom audience. However I heard somewhere that it's better to use Perfect Audience or Adroll for this as facebook's pixel isn't the most reliable and fails to fire in many cases. Is this true? and is there any...
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