1. S

    Where i can find a pirate version of Mopie v4, Movos or JustPlay

    Hello where i can find a pirate version of Mopie v4, Movos or JustPlay? from here https://nanosia.com/movos
  2. Jinyus

    What do pirates gain from stealing copyrighted content?

    When I say pirate, I am talking about the people who upload the original torrents, not the ones who download and share. They risk so much for (seemingly) no reward. A new movie drops, they go through the trouble of going to the theater record it and upload it for free so others can profit off...
  3. J

    Free video hosting for pirate movies

    hey everyone, I have this idea and I'm going to test if I can make some profit out of it. Anybody knows a free video hosting site where I can upload pirate movies and not have the account banned or the videos deleted? Thanks!
  4. Skin3

    Propeller ads - For Graphics Blog/website?

    Hi All, I wanted to know as to how popular pirating graphic websites such as Psdkeys or Heroturko make money ? & more importantly If I make a website like that (with new content being updated onto it everyday) - would that be a good idea ? will I be making money ? I just stumbled upon an...
  5. devilo44

    pirate advertising- (streaming not torrents)

    so if anybody didnt know the process of pirate videos of latest films goes 1.somebody records film 2.then uploads film to site 3. everybody copys the film and uploads to their preffered vid hosting site to make money from ads so its fair to say one priate blockbuster pirate would be veiwed by...
  6. discopolis

    Looking for a partner to create a piracy website

    I need someone to make a basic piracy site for me. I'm waiting especially skilled in piracy issue. He/she can work like a very very basic developer or consultant for all of technical details that i dont know anything about:)
  7. K

    How do free (pirate) movie and tv websites rank so well?

    Hi guys - I am a bit of a SEO newbie, and I am looking for a topic for a research report for a marketing class I am currently taking. It kind of hit me when I was searching for a movie and I searched for "watch mission impossible" on Google. All the results are for free/pirate websites! I...
  8. JokerNikx

    FBI Employees Download Pirated Movies and TV-Shows

    BitTorrent is used by millions of people every day, even in places where you wouldn?t really expect. New data reveals that employees at the FBI?s Criminal Justice Information Services Division are sharing movies and TV-shows with the rest of the world. Is the FBI gathering information on...
  9. JokerNikx

    TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

    http://youtu.be/eTOKXCEwo_8 How Many Of You Watched It ;] | n Put Your REview =]]
  10. cool.dude123

    TPB help

    hi, I am located in the UK so cannot upload my torrent to TPB and when I use a VPN my account gets banned. could someone do me a favor and upload it for me? I return I can seed some of your torrents. PM me if you are interested. thanks, PS. I know it might be a lot to ask for some people...
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