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Oct 5, 2013
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so if anybody didnt know the process of pirate videos of latest films goes
1.somebody records film
2.then uploads film to site
3. everybody copys the film and uploads to their preffered vid hosting site to make money from ads

so its fair to say one priate blockbuster pirate would be veiwed by around 10 million people maybe

i have seen at least 3 films with adverts to torrenting sites in the past 6 years like a small text apears on the screen during the film giving a link. (not including the torents they have a .txt file mentioning the uploader)

so why is this not more popular?
the guy who originally uploads it makes pretty much nothing as its copied straight away
im assuming they do it out of the goodness of their heart

and what could law enforment charge you with for having you link come up if say you wanted to advertise a movie review site ?

btw i am not saying im going to go record a film im just wondering about the advertisings during a film to be paid for and inserted before the original gets uploaded
I don't think it would be a legal issue unless you were the person actually distributing it.

I think if there were obvious adverts in it then it would quickly get blurred out or removed before being shared and then that version would be the most popular. I have seen watermarks removed from some early releases and they can be surprisingly goodjobs.

Another thing is that a lot of companies likely wouldn't want to advertise with a pirate due to the legality of the video itself regardless of whether or not it is illegal to advertise on them
The pirates release the movies because they are part of The Scene, they get kudos for being the first to release a blockbuster etc.
As for advertising on those movies, it will attract attention from law enforcement, so isn't advisable unless you know what you are doing. Penalties can be stiff.
those peeps do it for kudos and not money. Just like users here share files fo kudos and thanks.
Kudos developers make small apps to be used with the kudus community .

Some apps are legal and offical other apps are illegal and the app owner ask anybody for donations for there kind help to the community

In this case kudos is so used in it millions of downloads the donations are very heigh , higher then the app being charged .

So the community get the app free

Those that offer the app , decide what videos or programs get added to there add on from the donated videos from the kudos community , it true to say majority of videos added are pirate copys from cinema films.

Those. that dont ask for donations, relay on adverts shown while the film is playing .....
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