1. Nishville

    Starting a directory website

    Hello everyone, First of all I tried searching forums and didn't find any recent info about this so I figured I should post a thread. Someone may be willing to help me and I thank you for that! :) For a couple a years I have this domain name I want to put into good use and create a local...
  2. D

    How to find TONS of working PHPLD directories?

    Hi guys, i like Sliq submitter but i got a problem: after days of scraping I have a list of 750/800 100% working PHPLD directories. I know that new PHPLD directories born everyday so my question is: except classic queries like "powered by php link directory" or inurl:submit.php etc etc, is...
  3. sfidirectory

    Need people to test my phpLD directory

    Hi all, I'm wondering if people can try and submit their sites to my phpLD powered directory? I have seen on a couple of other forums (incl. BHW) that people have submitted their site to my directory, but I see no pending links. Anyone from BHW that submits their listing will be upgraded to a...
  4. sfidirectory

    Heres a new phpLD directory for you all...

    Hey everyone, Realised that the phpLD script I bought 2 years ago still has a valid license :D. If you need a another d0f0ll0w directory to add to your lists, you can read more about the directory by going to the post I created in the lounge...
  5. sfidirectory

    New phpLD directory - feel free to submit your sites!

    Hey everyone, Have just realized the phpLD script I purchased 2 years ago still has a valid license . So I decided to put it to use here: If anyone wants to submit some of their sites, I would be very grateful - I would like to see if all the settings etc are...
  6. cherub

    [GET] List of 1500+ web directories for Sliq submitter

    I've just done a check on one of my sites I've been submitting with Sliq submitter, and thought I would share all the directories that gave a link. My full list in sliq is currently over 7000, but as the software doesn't let you export your whole database, this is the best I can do. Anyway...
  7. C

    Which platforms is Sliq Submitter compatible with?

    I have sliq submitter and have been expanding its database religiously(like I do with all my tools). My question is which platforms/cms/scripts is sliq compatible with? the only one i know for sure is phpld, if I knew some more it would certainly help with my listbuilding thanks in...
  8. sfidirectory

    Adsense ads and phpLD directories

    Hi everyone, Have started to receive a steady flow of traffic to my directory and am wondering has anyone made a good income from integrating Adsense in their phpLD directories? I am planning on buying an Adsense account as my directory is relatively new and Google will take forever to grant an...
  9. sfidirectory

    Added new link submission types to my phpLD directory

    Hi all, I posted a thread a few days ago announcing my web directory, now I have decided to cancel compulsory registration for people wanting to submit their sites as I think that may be a turn off. If you are looking for another phpLD powered directory to submit...
  10. sfidirectory - feel free to submit your links here!

    Hi all, after all these years I have finally purchased PHPLD and have now set up my directory at To try and cut down on spam submissions you have to register a free account before submission. You can also submit your articles as well (they will take longer to be...
  11. sfidirectory

    Need list of phpLD powered directories!

    Hi All, I need a list in a .txt file with as many phpLD directories as possible. I have some decaptcher credits to burn and am building some links to my site using decaptcher and some automated software. I have about $25 of decaptcher credits left so if someone can give me a decent sized list I...
  12. S

    How did they do this?!?

    I have a phpLD directory set up on one of my domains, and I installed a script that approves pending links every 24 hours using cron jobs. Recently, I decided to see how many listings were in my directory, and there's around 20k different listings. At fist, I wrote it off as spam, and didn't...
  13. T

    Need help with phpLD (link directory)

    I have acquired a directory site being run on phpLD. The site needs to monetized with my affiliate codes, as well as have the PayPal purchase to go to my account rather than the previous owners.
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