Which platforms is Sliq Submitter compatible with?


Sep 16, 2010
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I have sliq submitter and have been expanding its database religiously(like I do with all my tools).

My question is which platforms/cms/scripts is sliq compatible with?

the only one i know for sure is phpld, if I knew some more it would certainly help with my listbuilding

thanks in advance bhw
I don't know but I have sliq submitter and well, it doesn't really help that much in terms of SEO.

I bought it strictly to increase BLD count. I submitted to about 2K directories and it only bump my BLD to about 10. :/

How many directories do you have btw?
I am able to submit to about 3100 successfully.

I understand that these links are not high quality, only really good for referring domain diversity, but in coordination with my other tactics I have seen very good results from sliq

let me know if anyone knows of any platform it is compatible with other than phpld please
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