Need list of phpLD powered directories!


Senior Member
Mar 29, 2010
Hi All,

I need a list in a .txt file with as many phpLD directories as possible. I have some decaptcher credits to burn and am building some links to my site using decaptcher and some automated software. I have about $25 of decaptcher credits left so if someone can give me a decent sized list I can give you some of my credits or I will submit your site to the directories using decaptcher and the software. Decaptcher credits cost $2 per 1000 credits so if your list is of a decent size and contains ONLY working directories that are accepting submissions let me know.

Cheers and long live BHW!
why not scrape by footpirnts?

Tried that but don't have a decent scraper or proxies. Would like to have a scraper that will visit a website and go over all pages in the website and scrape urls off each page. There is a website called they seem to have alot of phpLD powered directories but am not sure how to scrape them off the site.

Is there any other submitter (preferably free) that has a huge list built in and utilises decaptcher?

Cheers and long live BHW!
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