1. metalfingersdoom

    Does ONLY-WORDPRESS-PBN-SCHEMA make google penalise/not rank you?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to set up a scheme for my website and all I have are websites built on an old CMS which is used in like %1 of all websites. My problem is with whether google will detect and penalise/not rank me for it. I figured there is literally no chance anyone would have relevant...
  2. Windnfire

    Looking for help with directories

    Hello, I need help with the publication of our agency on different directories such as Clutch/Good firms etc. What do you think about payment? Budget: Will 100$ be enough for this job? Please send me your proposal. P.S. Looking for partners and experienced marketers in a team
  3. S

    Directories for SEO

    Hi all, I have been learning alot from posts on here so thanks, My website is finally finished and I have now decided to download free trials and do as much as I can before the trials run out. I started the SEMrush Guru 7 day trial and typed my competitors in (large national franchise). The...
  4. E

    Auto Submission Directories still worth it?

    Hi guys. I have a new ecommerce with a blog and I was looking to build some backlinks and directories listing for Seo purpose. However I'm not sure in 2019 and 2020 is still worth it or it's something that can even hurt my ranking? Thank you
  5. F

    [Question] Fake Listings / Whitepages, Spokeo, 411, et.

    Any way to add fake personal listings to these directories? example: Jacob Daniel Smith 4532 Decatur St Denver, CO 80211 303-782-1199
  6. S

    Gurus In The House: Please What Is The Cost And Requirement For Setting Up an Elibrary

    hi everyone, please what is the cost and requirement for setting up an ebook library? if i will be setting it up myself, please what are the cost i am most likely going to incure? which platforms and library management software can you guys recommend? is it possible with wordpress? please your...
  7. Shropdog

    best way to add outbound links from your moneysite

    so how do you place outbound links from your money sites? I dont mean authority links in articles etc, but such as some websites will list your website if they get a reciprocal link ( such as niche relevant directories etc ). Do you just build a relevant link page, partners page, our...
  8. kweiss

    Creating a directory

    Hey BHW! I was wondering if anyone here runs or ran a directory before? I am planning to create one for a certain niche where I live. What problems did you guys face and is monetization easy? Are directories still doable as in do people still use them in this age of Google maps?
  9. Veselin Asenov


    Hello, I am new here and I will be greatful if someone gives me some UK directories for sports or gambling. Thanks!!
  10. KingMatt

    Free Directory links that are still worth having in 2018

    Hi, Are there any free directory backlinks which are still worth having in 2018? Obviously most engineers are quick to dismiss them, but if directories were entirely negative - they logically would have gone the way of the dinosaurs yet people are still building them and paying for them Can...
  11. jenyap

    Instagram places on the 1 page of google

    why they come up the directories like yelp, Facebook, Instagram etc and how to outrank them? They coming up for low comp local keywords in the small area of the city, How to rank Instagram place of local business to the first page?
  12. I

    Directories submission

    Is Directories submission necessary for link buiding now a days??
  13. olo555

    Where i can find AA free High Authority Directories

    Hi, do u know some AA FREE High Authority Directories list or where i can buy/get them?
  14. marian.ivanovv

    How to find clients for web directories?

    Hello, BHW members. In my free time I'm adding a website/s to web directories for little $. Before a 2-3 months ago, so many clients ask me to add their web's in web directories but these days its so hard to find clients. I know i need traffic to see my service but where can i find clients? I...
  15. B

    Blog or article submission site suggestions?

    Not like the title of my post suggest i am not looking for quick fix websites to randomly submit my blogs to but instead id like suggestions of directories or news portals/ review sites of some kind where i can submit my posts from my blog which is also an amazon affiliate site selling tech...
  16. olo555

    High authority directories

    Hello, im looking high authority directories where i can add my link for free. Do u know something?
  17. Jon - Monah

    Top Directories to send articles to

    I'm currently sharing articles via my social media accounts, and blasting them through digg etc. What directories are currently being utilised in people's SEO strategies? Also is there anyway to get more exposure through digg? Thanks.
  18. D

    Recent drop in search rank - Possible negative SEO?

    Hi. New to the forums but have been in SEO/Marketing for around 5 years. I manage an SME website which until recently has ranked very high in search (1-3). Our primary "target" keyword has a keyword difficulty of 34 (Moz). Over the past few months however we have noticed a drop in our rank and...
  19. B

    Link Building - High Authority Instant Approval Directories

    Hi Guys, As a lot of you may know, directory submissions are a popular way to secure some good authoritive backlinks for sites. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good directory submission sites that have a good DA and URL Authority that are approved relatively quickly? (I.e: within 2-4...
  20. J

    Is it white SEO if I pay someone to subscribe my website on 1000 directories ?

    Is it white SEO if I pay someone to subscribe my website on 1000 directories ? what should I do in order to avoid sendbox effect ?
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