New phpLD directory - feel free to submit your sites!

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    Hey everyone,

    Have just realized the phpLD script I purchased 2 years ago still has a valid license . So I decided to put it to use here:

    If anyone wants to submit some of their sites, I would be very grateful - I would like to see if all the settings etc are working. At this time there are 6 link submission options, which are:

    Featured Link
    Regular Link
    Free Link With Reciprocal
    Sitewide Link Footer
    Sitewide Link Header
    Free link with no reciprocal LIMITED TIME ONLY!

    I have put in the last option for testing (to encourage submissions). Until I get at least 500-1000 submissions, this option will remain active. If you don't want to pay for a submission, or be made to give a reciprocal link back, you can use this last option for now. All links are d0f0ll0w .

    If you have any questions, feel free to put them forward :).