1. TORO Advertising

    TORO Advertising | Global Smartlink | Exclusive Campaigns | Direct Advertisers

    Hello everyone! We are thrilled to be part of the amazing BlackHatWorld community! About us TORO Advertising is a leading performance-based Affiliate Network comprised of an amazing team with a deep knowledge of the performance industry. With our all-in-one proprietary platform, we offer a...
  2. Samuel Wilson

    [Giveaway] Smart Game Booster Pro - Free license until February 23, 2021

    Get a free license for Smart Game Booster Pro. The app is designed to improve the performance of the system by increasing the frame rate of computer games. Smart Game Booster Pro automatically defines the graphics card and optimally accelerates the increasing frequencies, this helps to raise...
  3. M

    This Software will help you track Performance!?

    I know this is stupid to ask this question in a thread, but I just couldn't find the answer. So, here it goes. What is this website or software or whatever it is? It show the performance of keywords. SS is attached, please check it and answer.
  4. dekhajam

    [Pagespeed-Guide] How to read WebPageTest Waterfall View Chart

    As you probably know, WebPageTest is one of the most detailed pagespeed analysis tools out there. Especially the waterfall view chart contains a lot of valuable insights on how your website performs. During the last months & years I invested a lot of time trying to understand the different...
  5. Wes32

    Just hit 100k impressions

    Hey guys, I just hit 100k impressions in google and almost 5k clicks for the life of my site. 25k of those impressions being from this month of January which isn't even finished. I have about 45 articles right now and the last 10 haven't had time to rank (Just posted in the last few weeks). My...
  6. Heiko

    Successful IM'ers/Entrepreneurs - Do you use a Calender/ToDo List?

    Hi there, i was wondering how many of ya'll successful IM'ers/Entrepreneurs use a calender or to do list in order to work themselves through the day/week/month? How is your list built up? Do you do the boring tasks first or last? Do you update it weekly, monthly, daily? Do you use a notepad...
  7. iVoyager

    Cloud VM Hosting

    What are some recommended inexpensive Cloud VM / Instance hosting services (like Digital Ocean, Linode). I'm developing two projects, and it would be helpful to setup some VMs on services whose IP blocks are not on the major lists for content blocking. The other thing I am working on it a...
  8. Mouton Roth

    Check Out My Ad Performance

    Hey Guys, I've had these ads up for around 1.5 days, just want some insight/constructive criticism about these numbers? Take a look and let me know if they're good/bad/ugly! Top row is a vid boosted post, (product #1) 2nd row is vid conversion ad (view content pixel) (product #1) 3rd row is two...
  9. chad2320

    Hey guys don't forget luck is involved!

    Hey guys I'm making this post for those of you who may get down when a post doesn't do well or for some reason you just cant figure out why your not getting as many followers as everyone else here on the forums. I think with Instagram luck comes into play a lot, and I thought some of you might...
  10. mobidea team

    Performance metrics – Which ones should I check?

    Today, I am going to give you a clear image of what you should take in consideration when you?re launching or analyzing campaigns/performances. But before that, we need to distinguish some basic definitions. Earnings per thousand impressions (eCPM): The abbreviation can be tricky because eCPM...
  11. T

    Seller Performance below Standard for months.. Help

    Hi folks, i would like to ask you to excuse any language related mistakes in advance as I am from germany and english is not my native language. This is my issue: My girlfriend now has a 6 months seller history on her ebay accont. She has done 140 transactions and got 11 defects of which 7...
  12. S

    My online brand project (long post)

    So, I've made a little project for myself. I have a unique product (automotive exhaust) now - basically I'm just waiting for the suppliers in China to "mass-produce" 1,000 of them for me. In 1 month or so it should be ready. Now usually, when i get a new product i send out a few new emails to...
  13. Pixel Pirate

    Wordpress Permalinks Affecting Site Performance

    I cam across a blog post today about wordpress permalinks. It kind of surprised me because it told me the way I use permalinks on all of my blogs is negatively affecting the performance of my website. I usually use /%postname%/ as the custom structure URL. I see this structure recommended here...
  14. kilaz

    How to Speed up your website & save bandwidth with a simple apache .htaccess change

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