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Seller Performance below Standard for months.. Help

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by tommytom, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. tommytom

    tommytom Newbie

    Mar 29, 2015
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    Hi folks,

    i would like to ask you to excuse any language related mistakes in advance as I am from germany and english is not my native language.

    This is my issue:

    My girlfriend now has a 6 months seller history on her ebay accont. She has done 140 transactions and got 11 defects of which 7 were caused by buyers asking for their goods or reporting goods damaged by transportation and 4 giving low DSR on 'article as described'. No Case closed without sellers participation. 100% positive feedbacks. Stars: 4,7 - 4,8 - 4,8 - 4,9
    Defect Rate: 8%

    She communicated very polite and helpfully with all buyers, even with the more difficult ones. There has never been any serious bigger conflict. She never refused resending or refounding.

    She said she was never worried as she felt that every buyer was happy in the end and gave great feedback, so she didn't deal with the seller performance things. Now as I look at her data I assume that she must have been under standard like all the time for the past 6 months. She received a notification email in which she was prompted to improve her performance in the january and march this year. She didnt sell anything since the beginning of february, so she is inactive atm. No restrictions yet.

    What will most likely happen, if she keeps not using this account? Will she get suspended or will there be any other restriction before or will just nothing happen?

    I heard, that closing the account would not help, as there is a long 'closing time' of 30 or 180 days (some people say 14 days, some say 30 and some say 180).
    Is that correct?

    My biggest worry is, that my own account would get suspended also in the worst case as it is connected to the same bank account and we often used to log in from the same location (ip and also same cookies). My account has a 100% feedback, 14 years seller history and is above average seller performance. Is it likely, that I would get banned also?

    What can we do to avoid suspensions? Shall we immediately start a 1-Euro-Campaign to improve the seller rating?

    Please don't tell us that we should have taken this more seriously earlier as we are aware of it...

    Any advices, feedbacks are welcome.

    Thank you in advance