1. mmaillard59000

    Virtual credit card that works for an Amazon FBA US seller account

    Hello, Does anybody know how I can get a credit card that would allow me to sell on an Amazon FBA US seller account ? I've been selling on the European marketplaces with a normal debit card for more than 3 years, now I want to expand to the US but they require a credit card. I'm not a US...
  2. K

    (Experienced) Broker and/ or seller with good business connections for .ETH domains

    We have a portfolio of really good eth domains. We are looking for a really good broker and/ or seller. Someone who has a network of businesses, companies, and Brands looking to buy crypto .ETH domains. For each sale, you will get a bonus as well. Jr VIPs and/ or those with good history and...
  3. F

    Aliexpress buyer

    Hi guys Im looking for someone trusted that can buy me item from aliexpress and i will pay him back by crypto contact me ''it's little item'' Thanks
  4. rareunicorn

    Traffic for Niche Site

    Guys I have a website related to Online Business niche. It is monetized but the returning users are very low. So I have decided to buy some engaging traffic here at blackhatworld. i have some criteria for traffic. 1. The Traffic has to be real and not some kind of Bot traffic 2. Traffic have to...
  5. C

    Specific marketplaces alternatives?

    Hello, I am looking for eBay, Amazon, AliExpress or even Wish alternatives, where Service Sales is allowed (not strictly items) and no pre-sale fees are applied (looking for ones that just keep fees when a sale is completed). Any suggestions?
  6. CreativeDaddy

    [JV] My Fiverr Level 1 Seller Account + Your Services

    As the Title says What do I offer Level 1 Seller Account with: 43 Complete Orders 23 Reviews with Global Stats (Recommend to a Friend 5 Stars, Service as Described 5 Stars and Seller Communication Level 4.9 Stars) Total Account Earning are $704.38. The niche was Game Development, I've deleted...
  7. A

    Adding people to telegram channel after selling paid course

    I just want to ask is this allowed in bhw if we become market place seller and start selling our course and add buyers to telegram group/channel so they can get further updates
  8. vigyavan

    Question for Indian sellers and freelancers!!

    How to accept payments via cashier's check from USA if the seller is from India? Client is forbidden to use paypal or direct card payments by his bank in USA, he can only issue a cashier's check. strange but can't argue :)
  9. J

    experinced uk seller needed to sell used and new phone

    UK ONLY to long term business with. im looking for a experinced uk seller that sells phones on ebay. I buy the phones and you sell them, used or new but will need to discuss this further in person or on here, not anywhere else as too risky doing this all online. i dont have a ebay account and...
  10. D

    konichiwa! I'm Doom, happy to make your acquaintance

    Hope everyone here and their loved ones are safe during these tough time! I had joined BHW long back ago but from today on I'll be actively participating in this forum ^^ I'm a huge weeb and into Anime, Manga and Manhwa - feel free to talk about them in this thread and mention your absolute...
  11. D

    Can BHW please do this?

    Hi there! I think becoming Jr. VIP for selling stuff here on BHW might not be a preferred option for beginner sellers here at BHW. So can BHW take a cut for each sale instead and for that moderate the sale by acting as a middle man? I mean this would greatly reduce scams and give an...
  12. slimslam

    Hello..slimslam from for ways and ideas to make money..and hopefully lget

    Hello..slimslam from So.Cal here for research..looking for fresh marketplaces to buy-sell..need some education on how,where,when etc. here on BHW..thanks to alll:smirk:
  13. C

    VCC & VBA worked, but cant accept/send PP funds...

    So the VBA and VCC worked great, BUT now i have a PP that is verified but i cant list eBay items OR access money at all in it still... I called paypal's customer service, they said they needed verification, changed their tune and said oh i guess you dont need to be verified i'll fix that for...
  14. Mazen Hlel

    Amazon FBA - Newish Seller Seeking a Mentor

    Hi guys :) BHW In the way of background, I've been selling on Amazon for about 6 months in my spare time while working a full time job as a technology consultant. I'm clear on the logistics of finding and launching an FBA product. I went the JumpSend/Viral Launch ==> Alibaba => Freightos route...
  15. CMG

    What do You do in This Case?

    Hi, guys! At the beginning of the month, I decided to put something for sale on eBay (Dropshipping, I didn't think it would sell, to be honest) and just forget about it! It turns out that I actually got one sale, and now I am not sure if I should order from Aliexpress to the client's address...
  16. David Willy

    An Honest Newbie Guide for Amazon Sellers

    Hi everybody! I go through many new sellers over Amazon who are stuck with suspended accounts with nowhere to go. Well, it’s time to spread the word that there is no such thing as an easy way of selling over Amazon and earning big ‘continuously’. Selling over Amazon is not an easy job and a...
  17. 0

    Traffic Generation

    BHW, I'm currently searching for a traffic / click generation service that can provide visitors to my campaign links in large quantities. The merchants of Fiverr and SEOClerks don't seem to be able to deliver enough traffic within a reasonable time frame. The success of this project is...
  18. Boosts

    Things you MUST know as a seller using PayPal!

    From a lot of experience being a seller and using PayPal here's my advice: 1) Only accept payment as Friends & Family - A lot say 'don't use F&F' but also say 'Don't have charge-backs', is it ever explained how to reduce charge-backs though? No. Only accepting payments via F&F ensures a 0%...
  19. Myst3ry

    When the seller wants to buy from you

  20. camul3


    If I buy a Facebook account is there any malicious way the seller could get access back to the account they sold me, even if I change the email, password etc? I don't want to spend money and time and effort just for this to potentially happen. I'm probably just being paranoid but I just had this...
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