1. Meerakat

    How would you rate this writing?

    "It was first featured as Chris Paul's twelfth signature shoe, “Jordan CP3.II” came out with a bang in the year 2009. Having similarity in its color pattern from Air Jordan CP3, we can say it might be one of the best NBA shoes ever released. It is also available in many patterns — such as Black...
  2. Selo53

    I need someone to help me evaluate my app

    Hello my friends, I'm just in the testing phase of my app. The app is currently 90% finished. You all know how hard it is to represent the app in App Market. The best way to get there is through very good app ratings. So I am looking for someone who can help me with this topic. I would be...
  3. PedrOliveira98

    Glad to enter this comunity!

    Hello everyone! I'm Pedro and I'm really happy to enter this comunity that has a lot to offer! Since I'm new here, what would you suggest me to do in order to get my rating up?
  4. T

    Looking for Likes on Pornhub

    Hello, I need someone who can provide authentic looking likes on pornhub videos. Views are optional. I will require a proof of work/concept on a sample video before. Looking forward to hear from you guys.
  5. Indeedmarketing

    Rate your SEO Consulting experience

    Dear members, Rate your customer satisfaction or your reputation. 1. If you consider yourself an expert, give yourself a whopping three; 2. And if you consider yourself moderately knowledgeable with a little experience, give yourself a two; 3. But if you have a lot to learn with hardly any...
  6. F

    I need google reviews from Romania /Hungary acounts

    I need google reviews for local bussines in Romania/Hungary . Is any place I can buy at afordable prices? thank
  7. J

    hire someone for app store review or rating

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can provide like 10-15 US mac app rating or reviews for an APP in the App store. The reviews have to stick and we can do more volume depending on results. Can pay per review or a fixed price. Thanks. email:[email protected]

    Badoo.com account rating

    Hi, I found that it is very easy to increase badoo.com (dating giant) simply by clicking on photos in "Encounters" section. Simply by clicking on "Love" or "X" During 12 hrs of actions rating increase from lowest to highest. Question to experts - how much accounts with high level rating can...
  9. M

    Android/Google Play Ratings/Reviews

    We are about to post an Android app on Google Play and need help promoting the app. We have several apps in the development pipeline, so we are now also exploring this market to understand how the search rank of our apps can be improved on Google Play. Please let us know if you are interested...
  10. jerry_smith

    Hi there. I need MyWote ratings. 1$ per rating

    Hello, I need freelancers to upvote me on MyWot. 1$/rating
  11. zneve08

    Amazon Review Services and Q&A Content Creation

    Contact us through Skype/Email at: [email protected] for a free consultation!
  12. S

    need app installs fake emulator based installs

    need app installs fake emulator based installs anybody selling
  13. Semperfi99

    Back to my Fiverr Account..but with 92% Rating

    It's been a long time since I delivered anything on my 5yr old Fiverr account. I now want to start offering services again. It however has a rating of 92% following a few late orders in 2013. Has anyone had decent sales with this kind of rating? It's the only thing holding me back from selling...
  14. C

    Google Play App install Bot

    is there any Google Play App install Bot??????????
  15. V

    Need many rating iOS/Andoird, cheap, maybe bots

    Hi, Need 100-1000 ratings for iOS/ Android a month. Need cheap one, can be from not unique users/IP or even bots. Any ideas where to get this? Or if you can provide it, please PM me.
  16. I

    I need Upwork (Odesk) reviews

    Hello, i need some reviews for my Upwork/Odesk profile.. I need it from reputed & old Client account. Add me on skype: bil_stylish18 or PM me for details. Payment through paypal only.
  17. T

    Seller Performance below Standard for months.. Help

    Hi folks, i would like to ask you to excuse any language related mistakes in advance as I am from germany and english is not my native language. This is my issue: My girlfriend now has a 6 months seller history on her ebay accont. She has done 140 transactions and got 11 defects of which 7...
  18. P

    [METHOD] Unlimited downloads, ratings and reviews ... for FREE

    Hello guys, Ok so here's the basic mindset for this method. I've come to a conclusion that using paid ratings, reviews, .... is not the best solution to rank your app on the play store. Depending of your supplier these ratings do not stay long and if you want the whole package...
  19. A

    how to rate a thread?

    Hi guys, I'm fairly new here, and I was wondering how does one rate a thread on the forums? I was browsing the hosting marketplace, and wanted to rate the hoster that I was using ( positive rate ;) ) But I cant find it.. is this due to my newbie REP? This also brings me to my next question, I...
  20. B

    Ebay feedback generation

    I have a proven method of improving the feedback of any ebay user. If you are interested let me know and we can work something out to improve your ebay feedback rating as much as you want without violating ebay's terms of service.
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