paypal scam

  1. ATuringtest

    Don't be FOOLED by this PayPal Scam!

    This fooled me for a few secs nicely done tbh
  2. Crypto Marketing

    PayPal Invoice Scam Using Crypto Disguise

    A new wave of PayPal invoice scams have been using cryptocurrency-related businesses as their disguise. If you use PayPal then you should be careful not to become a victim of this scam yourself! How the PayPal invoice scam works: Alongside the communication is a phone number that the victim...
  3. Iamtheman

    PayPal Scamming ? They Took Away 211k USD from my account

    Hello Guys I need suggestions from your guys. PayPal removed 211k USD from our real Paypal account after 6 months of hold because of violating their terms or privacy policy. What do i need to do now? Memo $211,974.42 USD;PayPal Posting Date:Mar 5, 2020; Payment to Paypal;Damages caused to...
  4. R

    MultiBitApp_Bot or KeepKay, LLC Scammer - Blocked After Payment

    A few weeks ago I posted about stealth PayPal that I want to buy stealth PayPal account. He contacted me on BHW asking me to contact him via Skype or Telegram. I wrote him on telegram and had a deal. I sent him the payment then he disappeared and blocked me on Telegram. I reached to him using...
  5. the gent

    Seems a new way to Scam PP $$. Watch Out

    I got from a newbie obviously a SPAM mail on my Gmail, i don't how the F*** it came, but I just want to let anyone to watch out and read all things carefully, before you panic about what payment you make and rushing to log in, as it seems a bit like an official PP mail!
  6. jordanbc

    PayPal Scam?

    So late last night I got $.02 deposited in my PayPal account. It is from a person that I don't know at all. I tried looking them up on LinkedIn and Facebook and I am not associated with anyone with that name. Has anyone heard of a PayPal scam that this could be?
  7. A

    Scammed by "Smm seller"

    Was looking for an AdSense account in this post. The user "Smm seller" accepted to sell me one for 80$. I've sent him the money via PayPal last week and now he says he cannot login to his PayPal account. He also stopped answering to my messages. I'm attaching a screenshot of the conversation...
  8. ollie9009

    PayPal Phishing Scam? - Payment sent...

    I got an email just now (didn't get picked up by my spam filters) of a payment receipt of $156...I never made this payment and I'm 100% it's a scam...although as of yet the payment isn't showing in my transaction history (I know it can take time to update). Just wondering if anyone can shed...
  9. seoguru13

    [email protected] is a scamster! - Paypal a useless ass

    Never wished I had to open a shitlist thread and thankfully it is not of anyone of BHW! Here goes the story... A guy ordered a $225 worth seo service from my website, which was delivered like 2 months ago, and he suddenly claims an unauthorized transaction and since it was a service, Gaypal...
  10. C

    Paypal not transferring the money yet to my Bank account

    I recently withdrawn some money from the Paypal to pay for my rent. However in the paypal menu its shown as Money already withdrawn,but in my BOA account there hasnt been any activity showing "Pending transaction" from paypal. Can someone help me out on what I need to be done. Can Paypal be...
  11. V

    Beaware of this email ,,,i have been Scammed for $99

    From: PayPal <[email protected]> Sent: Wed, October 14, 2009 10:41:24 AM Subject: Please Update Your Account PayPal ! Please Update Your Account Dear valued PayPal member: It has come to out attention that your PayPal account information needs to be updated as . part...
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