paypal 180 days

  1. ScarH

    After the first order Paypal wants an address proof!

    Whenever I create a new Paypal account and receive the first payment, PayPal needs still need some information from me; my photo ID and Adress proof, for the first order because of suspicious activities. Do you think it could be my VCC, I change every time new by Revolut and I deposit it at...
  2. K

    Hack to unlock PayPal life's ban

    hello everyone, I have some lifetime limited PayPal accounts, one person told me it can unlock it (he's an hacker). Is it true? Or it's just a scam? Someone fix this with methods like this?
  3. BlackSugarz

    PayPal ( Turkey / Visa / Limited )

    Not sure where to post this anyways I have an old PayPal account was limited for long time and my friend has turkey visa card. I am thinking why not use his card to withdrawal the funds ? and I just noticed that PayPal ban in turkey so is it possible to use Turkey visa card to withdraw...
  4. I

    paypal limittation 180days / lose money

    I used to work on eBay selling NFL jerseys. Then Paypal asked me for invoices , and some documents. after two days, my Paypal account was closed. The response time was very long "because covid-19". So I decided to leave that money and withdraw it after 180 days. After 3 months, i found that...
  5. OmarM

    PayPal Permanent Ban - Is This The Solution?

    I run a shop : and unfortunately, few weeks ago I received a notification - my paypal's permanent limitation with a pop-up of " You can't use PayPal anymore. " I have managed to find a PayPal exchanger who can receive the Paypal payments as friends and family on my behalf for a fee and then...
  6. G

    Create ebay Account without suspension

    Please i need a method create a stealth account without suspension in ebay and start selling vero without suspension
  7. G

    Sell on ebay without suspension and without limit of PayPal

    I need a method to not limit my account paypal when ingot sell and without holding also how to not suspend my account .
  8. Wagggi

    PayPal Account risk of buying Fake documents?

    Hi, i live in Germany. Is it risky if i buy Fake PayPal ID Cards and Passports to verify me? will PayPal bring me into Jail or so? And do you have some Stratagies in Order to bypass the PayPal 2500€ limit? I Personal use just mutiple PayPal Accounts. But they are all having the Same...
  9. Websettled

    Saving Paypal Accounts ass from Holding your money trick

    Problem :- Many people complains about the paypal holding their funds or prohibiting them to use some of its features for a time period. Many new Dropshippers or Ecommerce owners are facing this problem. Because of this we sometimes think of quitting the Dropshipping or choosing a new payment...
  10. See you vader

    Can't get that 180 day Paypal Money ?

    I got a Paypal account suspended exactly 6 months ago. It said that if there's any cash there left I will be emailed by Paypal telling me how to withdraw that money. Yet 6 months later and I got nothing. When I got to my account and click on "Withdraw" balance I get an error. "Something went...
  11. Brickbat1

    Poll: Stealth Paypal Account Holders:At what point did Paypal limit your account?

    Hi all, Have been thinking about a way to sort out the issue of my ability to receive paypal payments by myself. Currently I use a friend in another country but it costs me big time due to having to face two exchange rates plus fees at each gate. So I am considering using disposable stealth...
  12. N

    How to withdraw from Paypal using Virtual CC or Virtual Bank?

    Hello I have one paypal account with around 500$ in it and 180days passed and now my funds are eligible for withdrawal. However account was made under different name at that time, and it was limited so i can't change my real name etc...IS there a option to buy vcc or virtual bank acc that i can...
  13. Iamtheman

    PayPal Scamming ? They Took Away 211k USD from my account

    Hello Guys I need suggestions from your guys. PayPal removed 211k USD from our real Paypal account after 6 months of hold because of violating their terms or privacy policy. What do i need to do now? Memo $211,974.42 USD;PayPal Posting Date:Mar 5, 2020; Payment to Paypal;Damages caused to...
  14. K-Jacob D.

    Need Advice/Help

    Hello guys, I hope you can help me with this problem. I have a paypal account which has $400+ and it got limited for no reason (I didn't do anything wrong paypal just being paypal) So I waited for 180 days, and now I trying to login on my account but paypal is asking me to change my password...
  15. ciggiesmalls

    PayPal money origin justification

    Hello people, Recently I got perma limited and my money is held for 180 days. Thing is, guy who sent me money has to justify why did he sent it. It was bigger amount ~5k. What should he tell to PayPal? Since we don't have any material proof that I sold him something or did some service?
  16. wirestyle

    Frozen Paypal Account...

    What an excellent start to the month..paypal deciding after 2 months of payments going in and out of my account that its time to freeze my account with $1000 in, for up to 180 days with this as an excuse: "Upon further review of your account, it does appear at this time that the limitation...
  17. clark123

    Doing 2-3K on each 3 store but Paypal is pain in the a$$

    Hi Guys, I have 3 stores that are doing USD2-3K daily each in revenue with 10-15% profit margin and I never imagined that my limiting factor on scaling would be freaking Paypal. I can pretty much scale those products to the moon but every time I try to scale Paypal will ask for delivery...
  18. Y

    invoices paypal ??? HELP

    HELLO . PayPal has asked me to provide invoices from the supplier, and I work dropshipping. According to your experience how can I get good bills acceptable at PayPal ?? Without relying on the bill provided by the supplier in AliExpress (because is bad). Is there any site,Extension...paid or...
  19. Brickbat1

    What are the Paypal cumulative inbound funds thresholds that trigger additional verification demand?

    Hi all, I am considering making paypal stealth accounts for personal use, but disposing them just before they reach the cumulative total inbound transactions that triggers additional verification or paypal limiting the account. I figure if I create one with a vcc of about $15, might be cheaper...
  20. Y

    paypal limitation ?180 days ????

    Hi . I have been working in eBay for a year, and paypal asked me for a duc . invoices, supplier information and information about my work. I sent them all this knowing that I was drobshipping. After 5 days my PayPal account has been permanently closed, is there a way to communicate with them and...