paypal 180 days later

  1. I

    paypal limittation 180days / lose money

    I used to work on eBay selling NFL jerseys. Then Paypal asked me for invoices , and some documents. after two days, my Paypal account was closed. The response time was very long "because covid-19". So I decided to leave that money and withdraw it after 180 days. After 3 months, i found that...
  2. OmarM

    PayPal Permanent Ban - Is This The Solution?

    I run a shop : and unfortunately, few weeks ago I received a notification - my paypal's permanent limitation with a pop-up of " You can't use PayPal anymore. " I have managed to find a PayPal exchanger who can receive the Paypal payments as friends and family on my behalf for a fee and then...
  3. Websettled

    Saving Paypal Accounts ass from Holding your money trick

    Problem :- Many people complains about the paypal holding their funds or prohibiting them to use some of its features for a time period. Many new Dropshippers or Ecommerce owners are facing this problem. Because of this we sometimes think of quitting the Dropshipping or choosing a new payment...
  4. See you vader

    Can't get that 180 day Paypal Money ?

    I got a Paypal account suspended exactly 6 months ago. It said that if there's any cash there left I will be emailed by Paypal telling me how to withdraw that money. Yet 6 months later and I got nothing. When I got to my account and click on "Withdraw" balance I get an error. "Something went...
  5. Brickbat1

    Poll: Stealth Paypal Account Holders:At what point did Paypal limit your account?

    Hi all, Have been thinking about a way to sort out the issue of my ability to receive paypal payments by myself. Currently I use a friend in another country but it costs me big time due to having to face two exchange rates plus fees at each gate. So I am considering using disposable stealth...
  6. megaMind007

    Looking legitimate PayPal money withdrawal service after 180 days

    Hi, I'm looking the legitimate PayPal money withdrawal service after 180 days passed, plz tag thread who provides these services for a long time or pm me the details if anyone can help. Thanks in advance!
  7. megaMind007

    need help to PayPal Bank Transfer

    Hi, I have a few more PayPal which are now eligible to withdraw the money for bank transfer after 180 days of the limitation period. who provide this type of PayPal online bank transfer support plz message me to talk further details. I know lot of reputed BHW sellers are providing these...

    Paypal question but easy one.

    Hello to all of awesome peeps on bhw. So my question is my PayPal account got temporary limited. so can you still withdraw the funds on hold out of it after the 180 days threshold complete?
  9. J

    Paypal limited for 180 days, non-US

    Hi guys, My paypal account got limited, and the only option that paypal is giving me is to link a US bank account. As I come from Serbia, that is not possible so, I was wondering if there is anyone or any legitimate service for solving this problem, ofc with reasonable commision included.
  10. jasmspen

    Need help getting $2k out of Limited (for over a year) Paypal account after more than a year

    I will gladly pay upfront or a larger percentage of the total if someone can help because I have basically given up on the money. Back story is this is actual items I sold from my home on ebay. I bought a stealth account because my laziness in the past got me bad feedback. This isn't your...

    Paypal Help.

    Hello awesome people of bhw. i wanted to ask you about the paypal stealth accounts few people are selling here on forum. is that really works without getting limited or banned? if yes then how can i get the money to me because definitely i can't withdraw money from PayPal to my bank account so...
  12. kd199121

    Paypal Transfer

    Hello ! I have a query as my paypal got limited and they did not gave me any specific reason over it lol :D If i buy a US paypal and take all my funds in it and then transfer the funds to my other paypal account which is fully verified ! If there is any issue with the US paypal will there be...
  13. Nikhil Roy

    How can I withdraw my Paypal money after 180 days. Please help

    Hello all, Recently my PayPal limitation has been 180 days past and PayPal send me email for withdraw my money. But I can't withdraw it anyhow, I want to transfer this money in my other PayPal account. Please help me anyone, how can I do that? If any suggestion please give me.