parked domains

  1. Agencybackground

    How to park domains in very cheap ?

    I m not wanting to do domian parking business but I reserve them for my website for eg .. if I have .com I want to reserve .in .net .io etc Is there anyway to park them in very cheap as long as they are not in use
  2. W

    What do you guys think about sedo?

    Hey, I have a domain that I want to park. I've recently found sedo, and I was thinking to park my domain with them until it gets sold. 1) Does anyone know how the money for the clicks on the parked domains gets split between me and sedo? 2) Do they pay on time? Thank you guys
  3. KelvyTheBlacky

    Will a parked domain get sandboxed like a new one? Appreciate your help!

    Hi fellas, Just like the title says - how does a parked domain compare with a new one in terms of ranking? I have a parked domain that i used to host a site for two or so years back but i didn't renew the hosting for the last one year. Now when i search on google for, it...
  4. D

    How to earn money with the parked domain?

    Hi BlackHatter, indeed have some parked domains and I would want to monetize them. Anyone can tell me how? Thank you!
  5. rejoin14

    Parked domain bad for SEO?

    Hello guys, I bought last year a domain and wanted to use them but I had other priorities and didn't used this domain. I thought I should put them on SEDO to get maybe a sale because the domain name is pretty nice. I redirected the nameservers to SEDO and parked the domain for around 7 month...
  6. puneetas3

    [Help] How to find high traffic parked domains for advertising

    Hi, I need to find a list of parked domains with impressions greater than 10K/day for paid advertising. Is there a way I can search for mistype and parked domains or buy such list anywhere. Niche don't matter. Thanks.
  7. DragonFury

    Use of customizable parked page for expired domain

    Hello, I am building a niche site based on an expired domain name with exact niche match. I put the emphasis on the relevancy. I grabed a domain name used in the same foreign language of my expected niche site for exactly the same keywords. An old domain name from a closed offline and online...
  8. Y

    Expired Domains for PBN question, parked by Domain hunters

    Hey, I'd like to know how you handle expired Domains which were parked by domain hunters before? Every day I get about 2-5 expired domains for my PBN and I could increase it to about 10-15 if I also take the domains which were registered by domain hunters before. I'm not sure how worth the...
  9. P

    [Idea] Still time to buy iphone6.yourcountry domains

    Hi guys, as you probably know the next gen of iphones is about to be released in a couple of weeks. Actually there'll be 2 different size of iphones, which also means 2 different names. Many rumors out there state that the name of the largest one will be iphone 6L, so I just bought a domain...
  10. Driezzie

    is this the way to go (godaddy+tumblr+backlinking) ?

    Hi, Pretty noob over here when it comes to Domain parking and reselling, wondering if this is the way to go. Steps to follow : 1. Look on Flippa to see which domains are in high demand. 2. Try to park some domains that are in high demand via Godaddy. 3. Park the domain on an existing Tumblr...
  11. D

    Voodoo Payement Question

    Hello, BHW Last month I registered with Voodoo to park my domains. I was off to an amazing start I made about $1000.00 in the month of September, much better results than expected. Well as you may know voodoo pays on a net 30 basis, and I have my min payout set to $20.00 and direct deposit to...

    Need some sites and parked domains flipped

    Hello i am a site owner and webmaster [do not PM me as I am trying to bypass BHW rules]
  13. LX911

    [HELP] Send Safe Traffic to Parked Sites

    Hi Friends, I have around 15 domains parked in S-e-d-o! Started from 1st August.. earnings till date is $60 Is it good? bad?? I wanna know how can I send blanked out traffic to those parked sites so that S-e-d-o doesn't get to know the source of the traffic? Practically the question should be...
  14. Q

    Can I make some money with parked domains

    Guys, I have some domains which I can utilize right now. So I have thought to park those domains. Now query is can I make money parking those domains? If yes then how can I do that?
  15. N

    Looking to provide bulk traffic

    Hey, I want to supply a service of bulk traffic to websites but I do not have a clue where to start? What are the best/cheapest places to buy from and resell them? Any help to get started is appreciated Thanks
  16. StarkContrast

    Question about Domain Parking

    So I registered 11 new domains (longtail keyword .com only) and am trying to get an account at parked and trafficz, and hotkeys but so far parked has rejected my application. The others are still processing and have been for 2-3 days now. Parked has rejected my application a total of three...
  17. W

    Parked domains & torrents [Idea, not tested]

    Hello. First if this is posted anywhere else here on BHW, then im very sorry was not able to find any threads. Sinse i have been looking abit into domain parking, and think there were missing some posts about it, i thought i would share this idea i was playing with the other day. Basicly you...
  18. S

    Why not Make your Own Parking Page? Few Q's on Selling

    I want to park a few domains I own and Im wondering why I just cant create my own parking template and place my own ads into it? What is the point of using a parking service? Doesnt that cost to use a parking service like godaddy and others? The reason I ask is because I have some local...
  19. B

    Youtube traffic to Parking$$ how to flight under the radar?

    Hello guys, I got a domain that is receiving traffic from youtube videos and earning revenue. But I wanna know how much revenue would look like "too much" for an average domain. In order to flight under the radar of parking companies, how much should I limit my monthly parking revenue per...
  20. G

    Emulating Parked Domains

    Hi! I've been reading about parked domain here on BHW and I've come to understand that companies that allow paid traffic to be directed to parked pages are rare. In that case, perhaps I'm being thick, but how come we don't just write a page that is exactly like a parked domain, i.e. filled...
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