is this the way to go (godaddy+tumblr+backlinking) ?

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    Pretty noob over here when it comes to Domain parking and reselling, wondering if this is the way to go.

    Steps to follow :

    1. Look on Flippa to see which domains are in high demand.
    2. Try to park some domains that are in high demand via Godaddy.
    3. Park the domain on an existing Tumblr ( becomes This is a crucial step I think because I see threads on this forum from time to time with people telling which PR 2-3 tumblr domains are available again.
    4. Automate the Tumblrs with some posts/reblogs/likes so it looks active.
    5. Find longtail keywords that go with the domain via Google Adwords Keywordplanner.
    6. Go to the famous Fiverr gig of Dino which sells decent backlinks (piramid system).
    7. Detach domains from Tumblr when they reach a decent amount of PR + backlinks (could be in days/weeks)
    8. Sell domains on Flippa.

    Is this they way to go or am I missing something ? Probably some people already doing it this way.
    All tips are welcome.