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  1. GNews

    Fashion Nova Clothing Brand Has to Pay $4.2 Million for Trying to Supress Negative Reviews on Their Own Site

    Taken from NYPost This is an interesting case. Fashion Nova blocked low reviews on their own site for 4 years. Therefore customers didn't get a 'real' view of what they were purchasing and NOW , they are being sued for it This could be explosive long term. I'd think more people are...
  2. J

    How ORM is Useful for a Business?

    Am new to this, how to do ORM & what the benefit i will get if i do it?
  3. MrValdemar

    Need help - Are there any ORM professional reports examples?

    Hello guys, learning from you everyday, this forum is truly awesome I'm working in the ORM business, charging small fees because at the moment I don't feel like I know enough to give a "premium" service so to speak. I've had good success, my clients are happy because they see results for not...