How ORM is Useful for a Business?

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May 12, 2017
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Am new to this, how to do ORM & what the benefit i will get if i do it?

Hello, I am ORM Expert. There are no fix techniques to reputation of any brand, person or business.

For this you have to work on according to current status.

Suppose if you found something negative news about yourself on google so you have to do research how you can push down, for this you have to create number of positive links on high authorities etc also you can promote the positive links of 2nd page no matter they are relevant to you or not.

There are number small things you have to keep it in your mind once you started to build online reputation of any brand, business or person....

It's really benefit us,

If my brand have good reputation then I can make a good sells.
If any person have some negative image then he has to be a problem for getting a job in good company.
If my business have good reputation then I can get more projects from good client's.

In online world reputation really matters for any business....!!!



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Dec 24, 2019
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The most important question to me is how to convert your actions into company's profit. Metrics, statistics and all other stuff