1. T

    The Ultimate Log File Analysis Checklist

    Web log files provide SEOs with invaluable data! Here's a 21 point checklist of configurations to check for. This checklist is designed for all kinds of SEOs who aspire to improve the website’s visibility, increase site’s indexation, and boost organic traffic at the end of the day. This...
  2. ynot

    [GUIDE] Basic WP OnSite advice or how to increase my Organic traffic easily

    Hey guys! As some of you might know, I am running a thread where I am providing FREE SEO OnPage advices - click. Since most of the websites I am reviewing are based on Wordpress, I decided to post and explain here the most common WP OnSite mistakes most of you are not aware about. Those are...
  3. ynot

    [FREE] Get an On-Page advice for your site

    Hey y'all! I do not know why, but On-Page SEO is underestimated by most of the users and SEO's (we do not even have a separate board for this here), which is a huge mistake. In fact, my SEO strategy consists of approx. 80% On-Page and only 20% Off-Page work. Since I am new here, I want to give...
  4. qwertzui11

    My journey in hell. Need some real advice!

    My problem is shown below on the chart. Thats one of my money keyword, but the case is similar for all. Brutal google dance downwards... I added dates to my journey, so maybe for some of you can make sense. The case is: I have realized that I am falling since late-november, december 2016. So I...
  5. qwertzui11

    Am I the only one who is falling in serp?

    Am I the only one, who is drowning in the serp, and falling down day by day, position to position? I have no idea about whats happening. I am having my pbn-s right, anchor text ok, onsite good, no ads, "overoptimization" solved, aged domain etc. Created organic bad-ass press release, which got...
  6. wannabie

    Competitor Research, Backlink Reviews & Onsite Analysis - Make Your Website Work For You

  7. Ramsweb

    Bad luck with Google crawl

    I was making some changes to my 6 page website and was having some trouble with my computer. I had an associate do some changes for about 30 minutes from his computer. He made some changes to the index file and "put" the file live for a few minutes to try it out. His computer did not have the...
  8. S

    *TOP SECRET* On Site SEO Tips

    I have done almost all of the below recommendations and it has significantly improved my site's SERP ranking. Well I'm not completely sure, but I believe the below was originally written by someone on 'the inside' of the big G matrix machine: :whee:
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