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  1. nixonnixonnixon

    Need advice on launching a gray hat online store

    Hello, I have an idea to launch an online store with the transfer of applications via API or accepting payments directly on the site, I am interested in affiliate programs that issue these offers with connection documentation.
  2. B

    need someone who can review and add some adjustments to my ecom store to raise the conversion rate

    hey guys, need someone who's expert in wordpress (and e-commerce in general) who provide some help and review my digital products store and tell me what can be done to get a higher conversion rate. please PM if you have experience and done this kind of work before. cheers
  3. moneybag01

    Bringing Pakistani Snacks/Candy to the UK? - Need Advice!

    Does anyone here have experience with importing food items, particularly snacks and candies, from Pakistan to the UK? I want to start an online store selling them. I am situated in the UK.
  4. KingDigital

    Anybody have experience running ads for medical subscription online store websites? Trying to get ads approved...... is SEO the answer?

    I have an online wordpress website with a pharamaceutical shopping cart system that allows me to sell prescription medication online. The issue is my google ads and also facebook ads keep getting disapproved. Is there any grey area work arounds to get my ads up and running? or is the only...
  5. M

    Need Real Human Traffic for a Blackhat Online Store

    I want to buy real human traffic for a very blackhat online store. By the word blackhat, I mean the niche is almost prohibited on all ad networks. I want a very targeted traffic that can easily be converted. Basically, I want hot traffic that are begging to buy products from my store...
  6. S

    Facebook ads for online store

    Hello all, I started an FB ads campaign for my local online store selling smartwatches. I have two products and a running ad for each of the product. The first one in the first two or three days made about 20 sales(mostly from a website not Instagram or Facebook page messages) and after that...
  7. Mane.D

    Any solution to destroy fb page of the competition?

    Hello, About a year and a half I started my Facebook online store, I buy things in a specific niche and then resell them in my country. (a small country with about 2m people :D ) I was maybe the first who started to sell products from that niche, but after a year and a half I was having 30+...
  8. Josh Saga

    Paypal Alternatives for E-commerce Store? [Non US Based]

    Hello All, I own a small online store, not based in US (That's why I can't get Stripe) I only have Paypal as proper payment method, but I'm seeing reviews here that Paypal is very risky. Any other good alternatives? - I use Woocommerce on the store. Thanks, Josh Saga
  9. F

    Selling digital products

    Hello , i hope everybody is doing good. So i have been looking in the threads on how to sell digital products like ebooks, keys and other stuff but i still have some problems, i was thinking about selling on ebay but as everybody knows the account will get suspended sooner or later so now i want...
  10. S

    Best E commerce platform suggestions

    HI all Which platform would you recommend for an ecommerce store? Prestashop, opencart or wordpress. Is there a place to download addons for prestashop like festingers vault? Just for opencart or prestashop? Thanks!!
  11. yapnop88

    Google Ads or FB Ads for Dropshipping?

    Hello, i wonder which one work best to advertise Dropshipping business Google Ads or FaceBook Ads?
  12. jlauybd

    Do it all by myself online store owner

    Hi everyone. I am a hard-working online store owner operating a store for two years who still not able to pay my bill:oops:. I'm now realized that google ranking is the king and I'm going to learn from you guys:). Hope I'm not too late to survive before my saving all gone:weep:.
  13. A

    [HELP]Can i use different size chart for different products on shopify

    Hi everyone, I am new to black hat world and I need to mention here that it has really helped me a lot in various subjects. I have something in my mind and I am trying to make a Shopify store for that and I am stuck here anyhow. I want to know that can I use different size charts for different...
  14. N

    ✿ Personalized Print On Demand ✿ Your Own Ecommerce Store ✿ Sell Unique Products & Create A Brand ✿

  15. N

    Another dropshipping store.

    Hi all. Very glad i am starting to involve in this community, usually i've been a reader only. However, i have the same story as most of you are reading lately. New Shopify store not giving that much of a result in the past 2 months. I am already using all social media available, preparing...
  16. Mane.D

    Marketing idea online store

    Hey guys, I need your help I have an online store for my country I buy things and then I'm trying to sell so I need an idea of how to make some marketing what to put in the package business card? what to write I want something so I can make people to share my store ( i don't have a website I'm...
  17. KJREDDY247@

    Online store in India

    I am planning to start an online apparel store : Is it good to start with a niche targeted sites like watches- tshirts-etc or a multi store like all products listing in a single site ? Which one would have a great chance of success? would love to hear some ideas from experienced candidates in...
  18. Reyone

    ★★ Custom Built Pro Online Stores ★ From $17/month ★ 24h Delivery Available ★ Resell & Make Money ★★

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you're not satisfied within 14 days from delivery, you can request a full refund. Want to see samples? Go to then click on Get Started and enter your name & email. You will then be able to preview all of the samples as well as being able to...
  19. Vybra

    ★ Your Own POD Shopify Store ★ Brand Development ★ Complete Service ★

  20. kapsoki

    In-Depth Niche Research And US Supplier for You to Start A Successful dropship Store

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