on-site seo

  1. Malkowich

    [HIRING] Looking for on-site SEO expert who can solve some issues

    Hello, We received our website analysis and found out about some issues, which are: Edit: the website is on Shopify 1. Image alt text - Your webpage is using "img" tags with empty or missing "alt" attribute. 2. Responsive Image Test - Not all images in this page are properly sized! You are...
  2. W


    Hello operators from the darkness, I am operating an SEO biz and I am expanding, hiring a couple of people for content/on-site seo/ design I focus on PBNs + Native brand article for clients SEO Its mostly off-site SEO that is the most part of our strategie. I worked with Semrush, MOZ and...
  3. H

    Start a website that is perfect in On-Site Seo and with SSL, Google Analytics and more

    I wanted to know that which one is better: Start a website that is perfect in On-Site Seo and with SSL, Google Analytics and more or Launch a regular site and improve its On-Site SEO over time And is it good to manually fetch a site with google search console? Doesn't it have a negative impact?
  4. C

    Diversified link building for a new site with drip feed

    Hi All, I am after one or more reliable and trustworthy link provider who could manually build diversified links to a new website spread to 6-8 weeks at least. I have got a couple of newly registered .com domains with huge exact monthly searches and I would like to build them up from scratch...
  5. X

    Need help with on-site seo

    I made a bootstrap website with 0 experience and I am sure there are many deadly mistakes for on-site seo.Can you guys check my site and recommend any optimizations ? my website is airdropland.com
  6. seobats

    Urgently need to write anchor texts for my keywords and update on my sites.

    Hello, Like title says need a person who can write anchor text according to my keywords and also update on my sites. I have few number of sites and I want this service asap with profession. I'm looking a experienced person who can suggest and complete this task quickly. I don't have much...
  7. nnetwork

    What's a good anchor profile and kw density in 2015 ?

    Hello BHW, I have seen contradictory opinions on what a good anchor profile is and what sort of keyword density is good to use, and what is "overoptimized", in your opinion, in 2015 : - How should a good anchor profile look ? (%of exact kw in anchor, % of generic keywords..) - Is it safe to...
  8. S

    IBP is Worth For SERP Ranking?

    My Site Rank is Dropped a While Ago. Used Many Services. But Now from last 3 Months I am learning Myself and I want to ask What you Guys say about On-Site Analyzing Tools? Which is Good Tool which can give me Full On-Site Report? and Suggestions what to do? I saw IBusinessPromoter (IBP) . What...
  9. M

    How would you interpret these results? -- (re: rankings problems)

    For awhile I have thought I was being filtered out for a penguin "penalty" because almost none of my internal pages can be found for their relevant search terms anywhere in the top 100+ But I was just checking on something and, as usual, when I searched for "kw one" (two word phrase) I'm nowhere...
  10. makemecash

    On-Page SEO Optimization/Ranking [Advanced Tutorial]

    I was debating whether to take the time to share this since most people on here I'm sure won't really understand what I'm saying (no offense). We spend a lot of time talking about off-site SEO with backlinks, as well as on-site SEO with keyword dispersion and density along with navigational...
  11. dreadpixel

    Need a partner On-Site SEO Expert

    Hello.. Looking for someone really experienced in this area. Legit and obviously with high rep here. He/She must be expert on the ON-Site SEO field. Which also could include: Optimizing keywords and title tags Managing Google Webmaster Tools Checking for / repairing duplicate content rel...
  12. W

    11 KILLER On-Site SEO Factors

    11 KILLER On-Site SEO Factors Before I start, this is For moderators I wrote this all by my own, so I am the owner of this content, however it's also placed in my website.. I just wanted to make sure if this is allowed to be posted (if not just delete it and I'll never make such threads...
  13. V

    German SEO specialist wanted

    Hey all, we're looking for an off-site SEO specialist (maybe with improvement tips for on-site as well), who can ramp up our project to dominate google by more traffic and leads. It's not a niche-market, but we did quite well for the first month (~ 60 US $). The project is hosted on a...
  14. P

    Internal Site Links - Changing 'home' in menu to anchor text?