Internal Site Links - Changing 'home' in menu to anchor text?

If you change the anchor text all of a sudden for all the 500 pages pointing back to your homepage, it surely gonna show some impact(it could be positive or negative). I don't recomment that. Its risky! Better concentrate on external backlinks.
From personal experience and after looking at sites that rank higher for all of my keywords they do not use "Home" but instead their main keyword. Additionally alot of my high ranking competitors have massive amounts of internal linking with their keywords as the anchor text and links pointing to internal pages... We will never know exactly what ranks a site high but through trial and error we can see what works... And with my own trial and error and observing many other high ranking sites in my niches this strategy seems to work well...

Every time my main keyword shows in my website it is an internal link going to my "About page". Only my "About page" doesnt say about. the anchor text used is my "Keyword".... My home page is only an image but the concept is the same and can be used for any page on your website.
Elocin, I believe you are having the main keyword from the beginning itself. Problem here is changing the anchor text all of sudden in all pages pointing to main page. I won't do that if my site is at #3 ;)
I have seen a positive response to doing what you're asking.
trying too hard to make use of the internal link power to target a particular keyword phrase might be very risky. It is much better to look into building links from the outside.
Thanks for all the feedback everyone - even though its tempting, I think I will avoid changing my 'home' link to 'target-keyword' based on some of these replies, it don't want to take the chance that it may trigger something when all of a sudden theres 500 new links to the site out of nowhere.
I would change the anchor text as an experiment. You can always revert back if it doesn't help. You could use PHP to determine which pages provide the keyword link if you want to introduce it gradually e.g. based on a page ID range.
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