anchor text

  1. O

    How To Use A Black Hat Anchor Text

    Hello guys i want to ask about using a anchor text i see a sample like : Sample domain : Sample main targeting keywords : best hosting i see a people using anchor text like this best hosting | best hosting | patenhosting best hosting |...
  2. H

    Posting new article on website it will replace the Homepage

    Hello everyone, I have a casino affiliate website featuring the brand as my primary keyword for ranking. However, every time I post an article, it temporarily displaces my homepage in the main keyword ranking. I suspect the issue may be related to the anchor text for my brand being too low. Has...
  3. Eduardo Boeing

    Expired domain backlink anchor texts

    Hi everyone, first post here. I have a list of 6,000 expired domains, all of which have backlinks. I need to parse the anchor texts of these links, but manually this is impossible. I need to do this in bulk. I need all the anchor texts in a spreadsheet so I can know which expired domains have...
  4. Slangur

    Question On "Link Juice"

    If i am creating a lot of backlinks and using varying anchor text (emk/pmk/branded/generic) - this is my question.... How do i know if link juice is getting passed? What if no one clicks on the anchor text (backlink) to my other tiers/money site? Does link juice get passed even if there are no...
  5. kurosaki4d

    Question about backlinking

    Hello everyone, I've been using "HARO" for my backlinking campaign, and so far it's been going well. I've acquired multiple backlinks to my homepage with "the same anchor text", which is my website's name. So my question is: if I keep using the same anchor text for all those acquired...
  6. 4ry4n

    [Question] What to use as the Anchor for the Link from PBN to Money Site?

    Good evening everyone, I was wondering, when I set up the PBNs, what anchor text do I select for the link to the money site? Will this anchor text effect the ranking for a keyword associated with the anchor text or no?
  7. williamsharris143

    Using Service in Anchor Text is Good or Bad?

    I heard few times that it is not a good idea to use the word "services" within your anchor text. Can you guys please share your thoughts on this? If we are building a link for a service based website, should we avoid using the word "services" as anchor text while doing link building?
  8. robin222

    A large number of keywords on the website lost rankings or ranking plummeted

    2 months ago, a new niche site of mine with a better ranking lost a lot of keyword rankings, and the rankings of some keywords dropped drastically. (before a large number of keywords of this website are ranked on Google page 2 ) I contacted the PBN service provider more than 2 weeks ago and...
  9. curious_

    Text surrounding backlinks

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding a surrounding text around backlinks (both internal and external links). Let's imagine I try to rank for 'Wеb Dеsign Аgencу' and I need to choose a text that will surround my backlink from '5 wеb dеsign tips' article. Here are two examples of surrounding...
  10. homeriscool

    Internal Linking Anchor Text - Does it Matter?

    Hi all, I've got some blog posts that have a lot of links pointing back to them and I want to link to other internal pages from these particular blog posts. The problem is, anchor text. It doesn't fit into the post naturally. I just want to pass link juice to other internal pages. Is this an...
  11. jiya raichand

    Copying Content with Anchor link

    Hi All, Having one doubt, not sure what to do. I was checking my GSC backlinks report. From there i found one website based on our niche and they copied whole content from our website, even they didnt change the link also :D . On my website i have inter link one to other page, they kept same...
  12. robin222

    About the use of PBN anchor text

    My website have used PBN, and the anchor text is mainly LSI keywords, but some keywords have been difficult to enter the Google homepage. I consider using 10 PBN links for the current 2 keywords, each keyword is 100% matched, and 5 PBN links are placed. I would like to ask if this is dangerous...
  13. X

    HELP!!! How to avoid over optimized keyword

    Hello guys I am trying to avoid google penalty for over optimized anchor keyword. I run a music niche. I have used my main keyword for a long time but I want to avoid it now. So I used branded + keyword and only branded link. Now since I run a music download niche is it save to use the artiste...
  14. C

    ECommerce Site: Internal Links to Category Pages in Footer?

    Trying to sort out some internal linking on a client site They have 4 main category pages they are trying to rank They are linking out to these category pages from the navbar and the footer, so on every page there are like 3 links with the same anchor text to the category pages So this is a...
  15. ATuringtest

    Tutorial : Top Quality Auth Links For content + anchor text + GSA content generator

    This method isn't free, but a lot of people use the trial version for Ahrefs. For me its $7.. massively worth it lol So i f you do, and you want really good keyword authority links and some anchor text for generated content, with just a few simple steps. This quick tutorial might be for you. If...
  16. shags38

    How Best to Rank for Multiple Keywords?? eCommerce site

    I need to get some help here please ... having read lots in here about keywords, keyword density and anchor text I am trying to implement what I think now is good practice (not over optimizing) however I am becoming confused (and so is Google). I want to rank for more than one keyword / phrase...
  17. vishyjames

    [Well Kept Secret] How the Top SEOs Build Their Anchor Text in Backlinks

    OK. I'd like to start off by apologising. I've been quiet for a while here and not contributed anything spectacular after my No-Nonsense PBN Guide post and On-Page SEO Audit Guide which have become fairly popular - ALL THANKS to the community here! Thanks y'all :) Today, I'm going to tell you...
  18. kaviraj008

    Anchor Text For Homepage?

    In blog commenting, few websites are using the domain name along extension(TLDs) as anchor text. For example: https:// healthline .com uses the healthline .com as anchor text. should i use only the domain name or domain name along with extension as anchor text (for homepage) ?
  19. N

    Anchor text on link building

    I do have 1 simple questions about ANCHOR TEXT LINK some said when you do link do not use EXACT ANCHOR TEXT but how would Google know what keyword you want to rank without telling them that? ex: if you want to rank for seo company keyword and if you have anchor text SEO COMPANY IN WITH SEO...
  20. zneve08

    Anchor text ratio?

    What's a healthy anchor text ratio? How do you handle exact match and LSI?
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