offline business

  1. Mjinnn

    How do I go about this?

    I want to start a offline agency business but i dont know the skill. My plan for this is to get the clients to agree and pay and then pay someone else to do the work? Anyone have tips for this?
  2. hims.000

    (discussion) Any offline Marketing ideas with zero or little investment??

    Hi, I am doing a job in my country where i can earn 200$ per month. I have to take care of my family and my brother who is also studying on college. These money is not enough . If you suggest me some ideas to offline marketing which would be helpful for me. I think there are a lot of users...
  3. T

    Need advice about offline business

    Hi everyone! I have a friend who has an established offline business that mainly produces and sells bedding products. The problem is that revenues are stagnant and the business is not moving forward. Plus it has no online presence. I am kinda thinking if I could do something about it. I need...
  4. kiks

    [Guide/Discussion] Marketing for Local Bussinesses Cafe-Bar/Restaurant.

    Hello, fellow black hatters. I will be opening soon my own cafe-bar and I need to set up some promotional methods. It's a small city so word of mouth and good reputation would be very important. I don't know the interest of people here about offline-marketing but an offline business needs...
  5. A

    Increase Sales - Offline Business | USA

    All, I own a beauty salon in US, for which I have following assets. - Google My Business 400+ reviews, 4.8 star - Facebook - Instagram 500+ followers - Yelp - 50+ reviews 4 stars - can't help yelp, they just greedy to show good reviews - Bing - Website (WordPress, I would rate 6 out of 10)...
  6. TomNo0k

    [Journey] Selling ready-made websites to local businesses | Objective 1000€/Month

    Hi everyone and welcome to my journey ! I've been reading BHW for a long time but I don't interact a lot with the community. I'd like to share my journey with you, it'll help me stay motivated and we can exchange about it along the way. Lurking on the forum gave me an idea that could bring some...
  7. P0kem0n

    Making money at sales OFFLINE with ONLINE (BEST WAYS TO DO IT?)

    Hello BHW members, this is my first ever thread started here on BHW. Now, as a novice, I hope to get some interesting and useful insights from more experienced members in regards of my question. So, I do have some knowledge about online and offline marketing in general. Now in this part of my...
  8. samizle

    Japan: offline ideas for online marketing

    Hello Fellaz, I am not sure this is the right spot to drop this thread as my enquiry is a bit general. I am flying to Japan as a tourist for few days too soon and I am thinking how I'd profit from my trip for something to use online once back home. Brainstorm with me guys. Any ideas very...
  9. Magic_Man

    From 0$ to 100,000$USD/monthly - Lead generation agency

    Hey there, I'm 20 years old, and I graduated from high school in Canada June 2016. 2 weeks after I graduated I snuck into a corporate party in a nightclub, and got offered a social media assistant job from a guy who was creating a web design/social media agency. The job lasted 6 weeks, and...
  10. FreeMan228

    Backpacks manufacture

    Hey guys, I'm considering to star backpacks manufacture and sell them through instagram/facebook ads. I've been traveling to foreign country and found great backpacks which are selling within a country, so I've bout few of them and just wanna copy their design and sell in my country. I'm...
  11. R

    Make Money

    Can someone tell me the easy way to make money online or offline
  12. Nauman K

    Top 20 small business who are demanding website design

    Hello Guys, Me and my team are working on creating and designing WordPress themes for our upcoming marketplace. initially we will launch with 20 niche based theme. I want to know some of the best offline niche which are in high demand these days. any help from offline marketer...
  13. plasmeus

    Making My Digital Marketing Agency Profitable

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I currently own an agency. The reality of the situation is as follows: I have an LLC filed under the name I would like to use for a marketing agency. I actively use the LLC as the holding company for my Doing Business As (DBA) and the DBA is how I...
  14. Major_Tso

    Web Design Cold Calling and Cold Emailing Journey

    Intro(Why I'm Leaving My Last Journey) Hey guys, you can see I've been trolled a bit in the lounge for asking about guru courses. So, I've confirmed there aren't shortcuts. That's fine haha. Now, I've gotten a quite a few jobs on Textbroker. But, I don't care to do the most crowded thing on the...
  15. cini

    Seeking Suggestions for an Offline/Online Store

    What's up guys... I have been presented with a big opportunity to put all the internet marketing theory to practice... a friend of mine has a brick-and-mortar shop based in italy that sells women's apparel. just recently they went online, and now they have an e-commerce website tied with...
  16. freestyleislife

    My Journey to a $2000 a Month (offline)

    So I have been a lurker here for years, just reading and dabbling in various things here and there. The thing is, I never committed to anything and never really got anywhere with those things. So, today I am committing to this journey. I am a student in college currently pursuing a computer...
  17. H

    How I Get Paid $18600 This Month in Recurring Clients For My Offline Business

    Hi folks, Most probably you don't know me because I'm not famous on any of the forum online as the time I'm writing this post. But I'm into Internet marketing business from 2008. You can see I created BHW account in 2009 but only did few posts. This shows all to you :) Question is why I'm...
  18. C

    Great offline business idea, how to raise money or find investors? ideas?

    Hey everyone, long time lurker/reader here. Love this place and all it has to offer. I do pest control for a living and quit with my company due to lots of shady practices towards customers and wanting us technicians to break some of the laws quietly to appease customers and keep them due to...
  19. K

    Your SEO Service Process

    I am starting my local SEO business soon, I just wanted to know the EXACT process a SEO or a Local SEO uses after getting a client. I know On-Page, Off-Page, Technical stuff, backlinking and all but I wanted to know the exact step by step process you go for and what tools you uses. Many people...
  20. S

    Looking for website built focused on local offline business generation- Initial fee + rec

    Highly interested in a SEO optimized website built for lead generation for a local offline business. Looking to get traffic from social media sites primarily and grow a local email list for leveraging referral program campaigns. Industry is fairly competitive but on a local scale has not...
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