noob question

  1. B

    Payed Surveys???

    I'm interested in a method where you post on craigslist or some job site and then once the person wants the job you tell them to fill out a survey. ive seen that you can get like 2-3 dollars from each person. Now here is my question. where can i sign up to get a link to a survey. ive looked on...
  2. W

    Noob Question, Tips on recording voice into microphone

    I am trying a Google slideshow/YouTube video method and I am at the part where I record my voice over playing the slideshow. My problem is that I suck at it. I don't really know what to say in the video. I keep making long pauses trying to figure it out. I stumble a lot. I'm sure you get the...
  3. V

    Noob question on affiliate programs

    Hello, I'm new here. With affiliate programs how do you get paid? -Do the programs ask for bank information or for a paypal account while signing up? -Are you given something to track how many clicks or traffic you're getting on your site? -How am I provided the special "link" in which my...
  4. S

    Amazon noob questions

    Hello I don't know if I write on proper tab, but I have some few questions about amazon (don't be mad on my - my english still sucks and I can't understand amazon rules in 100%) So: 1. Every site which I'll create must be approve first from Amazon before I'll post on products? 2. Is this scheme...
  5. L

    Newbie help Needed

    I am a complete noob i joined this forum on 12/10/2013 till now i havent made any money online.Can anyone help me ?.Can any one suggest me any method which a noob like me can do.
  6. H

    I don't know what im doing

    Hello people of B.H.W I'm new to this idea of making cash. I was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers. I've been trying to use ad fly , but so far that's not looking good. Anything would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. J

    Xgram help!! D:

    So I have xGram 1.1 (which i dont even know if it works anymore, but oh well) and I need help with the "Image Remover" option. Im a complete noob when it comes to this tab, so I need some help on how to get it working. My settings right now are.. Delay: 5-7 seconds. Images to delete per account...
  8. F

    Question about php clone

    Hello, i wanna ask one noob question Is there any way to download php files from any website even if i do not have root access to data?
  9. D

    Backlink,Bookmarking,Articles Submission,Comment Blasting,...etc...ect..I am CONFUSE

    Hi, I'M Noob I read many tread on backlink and saw many services offered. I am now confuse what is the difference on all this service and which should I get first. Can someone explain or point me the right direction on the differences on all the type of backlink Backlink - From what I...
  10. C

    My head is Spinning. BHW noob ALERT

    Hi Folks, I have just started venturing into BHW and I am amazed at the things that can be achieved using the advice given here. I am not looking for answers handed to me on a plate but rather a gentle push in the right direction to help me monetize my sites. Here is where I am right now. I...
  11. macdonjo3

    I got about 1 month to make $250

    I am experience, but havn't tried in many topics. in the past 48 hours e-whoring with cl has big problems so yeh. $250 in 30 days... Thats like $10 per day ;) I have black hat code breaker. I have a forum getting 30-70 registered users per day. I have been reading this forum for LONG time in...
  12. A

    Someone willing to help a total noob understand this

    First of I must confess that I am a total noob, but testing and asking can never be wrong imho :) This is what I did. I searched up a 3 word long keyword and misspelled it on purpose, or I really didn't misspell it I just skipped the space between word one and two. I did this within brackets...
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