1. evemoni

    A N00bs Journey to Building an Authority Blog in Cybersecurity

    Hi BHW! So, I'm a noob, long time lurker, frequent purchaser from the marketplace, and I've made some money online but, I've never undertaken something this big before. I've had a dream, for a while, that I've been afraid to act on. I always wanted my own consulting firm for cybersecurity, which...
  2. qtweakz

    Hello World

    Hey there everyone on BTW... I was wandering around on Torum and found a post with a link to this site. Internet Marketing and SEO (I don't even know what that means yet...still reading around) is completly new to me. After reading a few posts I had to create an account and find out more. This...
  3. Crusage

    Any android emulator that cant be detected as an emulator?

    I was thinking about running this app called "appliker" 24/7. Appliker lets you install apps, and the longer you have the app you installed open, the more points you get. Which later can be transferred to your paypal. Ofcourse, you wont make alot of money from this with only 1 phone. But... with...
  4. Crusage

    Can my phone number get flagged if i use it for google accounts that gets banned?

    Hi, im wondering, if i use the same phone number to verify multiple google accounts. And they all get banned, can that phone number get flagged? So i cant use it again for verification with google accounts? I do know that i cant verify so many google accounts with only 1 phone number, so you...
  5. Major_Tso

    Hi I'm a newb I Guess

    Hey Black Hat World. This is a site is mad cool. There is more info in here than a business program. Who Dis N00b Tho? Over the last few days I've stalked this forum. The reason I came here is my bro is doing pretty well at IM. He basically gets decent at a service, then he hires someone better...
  6. Figrole

    Starting to master dropshipping - now what?

    Hey guys, So as the title stats, I have started my dropshipping journey. All is going well so far, sent of my documentation to be verified to buy on AE and hoping to hear back from them soon so I can start shipping out my orders to my customers. Dropshipping store is going quite well - made...
  7. Figrole

    My Dropshipping Journey. 19m, Broke, willing to learn.

    Hi guys, As the title stats I'm going to document the journey of my Dropshipping business. Please note: I have only lurked here before, this is my first real attempt at online entrepreneurship. I have spent the last 3 days researching products etc, demand, trends and I think I finally have...
  8. Figrole

    Buying an instagram account vs buying shoutouts?

    Hey guys, Trying to promote my online store. Trying to weigh up which would be more effective, buying an account that has 20ish k followers in my already selected niche OR setting up a new account and trying to build it by using shoutouts?
  9. Figrole

    How to get traffic efficiently to niche site?

    Hey guys, I'm currently a college student and working part time in a retail store, which is the worst thing I can explain to anyone. Serious. I am a 100% noob to IM, but I know that instant gratification is a bad thing so I'm happy to put the work/time in for things. Gotta work to get. Not...
  10. Figrole

    Making money selling Spotify codes ?

    Hey guys, Recently have come in contact with someone who can supply with 12 month spotify codes at a pretty good price if I was to resell them on. Could there be possibly money to be made on this for a side hustle? If I was to sell for €50-60 for 12 months spotify?
  11. Figrole

    Whats wrong with my landing page?

    Hey guys, New to this whole IM scene and trying to get my feet wet in it. Ive decided on a niche to try pursue, that of the fishing industry. I set up a landing page and a facebook ad campaign and trying to drive traffic to my site. It s for a giveaway for a pretty good prize, all they have...
  12. Figrole

    Can someone advise me on Facebook Ads?

    Hey there. Recently started a new site / online business and just looking for some advise on how to grow using Facebook ads, because at the moment its not really working out well! So basically the post is reaching my audience, but very small numbers are clicking. Im not sure whether to...

    Introducing the Newest N00B

    Hi, I am THECOREPRINCESS ! I am new to all of this stuff but I am very interested and motivated to learn ! My hubby @THECORE1337 brought me here to learn more about internet marketing , and I am so excited ! Thank you for the future knowledge and opportunities in advance !
  14. C

    Been asked to perform site assessment/analysis

    I've been asked by a company to provide a site analysis for them. I've seen people charge and not charge for this type of service. Hopefully me and this business will be working together more but how would you all go about doing this? Cheers and thanks for helping a n00b
  15. I

    [NEED HELP] 1st website - 300K Google search results - How do I get ranked?

    Hi there, First post here, so apologies for any seemingly n00b questions. I created a website quite recently and would like to get ranked. However, I do not know anything about SEO. Where do I start off, and what is the most effective way to get my site ranked on Google? It's a specific niche...
  16. D

    PPD or CPA or what?

    hey there! I am admittedly a complete n00b when it comes to all this but want to put my best most informed foot forward. I have been looking in to making money via a few different methods mostly concentrating on CPA and PPD. What do you all think is the best and most efficient? Which is easier...
  17. masterat40

    Another n00b

    Hi everyone. I stumbled across this forum a couple of months back when looking for ways to make some money online. I had never heard of IM at the time and have always been a bit intimidated by the big players when it comes to making money on the internet. After reading countless posts on here I...
  18. J

    I am such a N00B, but...

    Has people actually profited from custom audiences with FBLeadChef. If I see any commissions starting tonight or tomorrow, I will be damned. I just am unsure, but thank you for providing a working version of it. Thank you BHW. I may love you increasingly if this works like hell. Maybe will...
  19. P

    Hi, getting started - tips & advice needed

    Hi, I have been doing yt + cpa and yesterday I checked that i have 2 niches that are still on the first search result page on yt, I were doing this like year ago and kind of don't remember anything.. so i decided to get back into it, but I got banned from adworkmedia and lost a little money and...
  20. T


    I'd like to write that I'm a future millionaire in the works but hey, I'm not looking to make millions, just enough to have a good, entertaining life. Enough for some hoes, I guess. So I'm TickleMeElmo, I'm from the southern hemisphere and I know absolutely nothing about IM. I was referred to...
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