myspace friends

  1. B

    How many friends can I invite per day in Myspace?

    Although for facebook I heard the limit is around 50 what are these limits according to your experience in myspace?
  2. M

    10,000 Incoming Friend request $99

    Someone asking on a different topic,figured I would post it here. Found and they offer Incoming Friends of 10,000...20,000 or 50,000 !!! No username or password needs to be giving because they are incoming request Hope this helps! PS. They also offer Plays and Views for...
  3. hculiver3rd

    What WebSite Can i Pay for Myspace Friends?

    What WebSite Can i Pay for Myspace Friends? Example: 100 Friends = $1* 1,000 Friends = $10* (Much Cheaper) PS. Any Tips On How I Can Pay And Gain Friends (All Friends Real-Fake-App Friends...etc.)? :yield:
  4. R

    MySpace Network Expansion

    I Have joined large data warehousing company as an intern and have the charge of finding "How to gain milage in Myspace" I am not entirely sure, but all that Myspace appears full of stuff that is typically not B2B. Can anyone advise how best to use MySpace for B2B giants? Are there any...
  5. L

    Myspace account - need someone to add friends

    Can anyone use a software or other method(s) to increase the friends in my myspace account, with a niche focus? I am looking for at least 2k. I do not use a PC so I am unable to use software. Please let me know the price (I only have Paypal), prior experience, and reviews/testimonials...
  6. L

    Looking for myspace friends ASAP

    I'm looking for myspace friends, can anyone use software on my account and add 300-500 a day? (I can't use the software because I'm on a mac) Please PM me with your rate if you have done this before, I only have Paypal. I have seen these online trains to add friends but have been unable...
  7. CashDummy

    Easy Way To Get More Friends and Group Members!

    *Optional: Created a simple HTML page saying add me as a friend or joing this group. Place a links to all your groups or profiles (try coping the "Add me" or "Join/Subscribe" Button from the social networking site(s). **This way you can kill two or more birds with one stone. 1) Try youtube...
  8. E

    Myspace Friend Blaster????

    This might be off topic but lately I have been having problems collecting myspace IDs with friendblaster pro 10.0...... Maybe it doesnt work any more?????? I dont know... Has any one else had any problems....
  9. H, New MySpace Adding Site (FREE VIP)

    Hey People, What's up. My name is Keylay, hereby referred to as the "AddGod". I just started a new myspace friend adding site around 2 months ago. I figured I'd give it some time and try some of my SEO techniques to drive traffic to the site. It's doing really well. Now I need you...
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