Easy Way To Get More Friends and Group Members!


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Oct 3, 2007
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*Optional: Created a simple HTML page saying add me as a friend or joing this group. Place a links to all your groups or profiles (try coping the "Add me" or "Join/Subscribe" Button from the social networking site(s). **This way you can kill two or more birds with one stone.

1) Try youtube. Make a few 30 sec, - 1 min URL watermarked videos about the group. Make about 20 of these and upload them everywhere. Besure to put the groups link in the description area and use Captivating Titles. Key is titles and optimization. To better your odds pay someone (or invest in a bot) to get you views rating and comments to get you to the first page of your category or homepage if possible.

**You can also just watermark 5 or so videos that are on the "Most Viewed Today" List even if it has nothing to do with your group.:D

2) Another Thing is Yahoo and Google Answers. Answer and ask a few questions about your niche then let them know all the answers can be found (group link). Do this on many Answers sites. *(For friends just put a question like this "who wants to add me on Myspace?" or "Would you add me on myspace?") Again if you can geta freind to answer or ask the question you can also have it Chosen as "Best answer";)

3) High Traffic General forums. Join them and make posts saying to join your group or "add me as a friend (link) or add info in the about me section -be sure to tell them to look there:rolleyes:". Be sure to post in the correct section as getting banned for spam isnt going to help you get friends or group members.

Last option - Friend adders. Make a seperate account or 10 (so your official one doesn't get banned) and add friends until the cows come home. With all the friends invite them to the group on your "official" account or post a bulletin asking them to add (official accounts name) as a friend.

Hope this helps
Good idea
I have a friend who does that he tells me it works great
works like this.

10-100 SPAM PROFILES [add thousands of friends] --> promotes --> 1-3 MoNey Site Profile [links to affiliates]
Yeah that works great if you have a friend adder. Youtube traffic didnt connvert for some offers but they sure did for adding friends to myspace and facebook.
(or invest in a bot) to get you views rating and comments to get you to the first page of your category

What bot does this?
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