What WebSite Can i Pay for Myspace Friends?


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Dec 17, 2009
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What WebSite Can i Pay for Myspace Friends?


100 Friends = $1*
1,000 Friends = $10*
(Much Cheaper)

PS. Any Tips On How I Can Pay And Gain Friends (All Friends Real-Fake-App Friends...etc.)? :yield:
ehhhh idk about paying per friends unless you hire someone in the freelance, you can checkout VIP adder site which can bring you in a daily amount of new friends or train sites.
There's an endless supply of cronies for this type of work on GAF.
I run a Myspace Adder site, hxxp://lepslair.com/myspaceadder/ You don't really need to pay for it, but if you promote it I give away a lot of views. I don't have VIP users yet, I really need to promote it more, but anyone who helps promote it I give away a huge number of views per referral or add on the site.
http://playsviews.com Go there...Click on friend booster....10,000 Friends is $99
They also have a 20,000 and 50,000 Friend option....All incoming Friend Request so no need for username and password to be giving! Hope this helps!
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