1. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #1

    HQ best geo location tinder traffic problem all around . We tell you some secrete tinder snap adds , Many Snap Adds Re-seller, provider provide bad geo location traffic Many Fake lead/adds then you can not profited properly . But if you found a good snap adds provider guy then you can make...
  2. B

    Now a day i can't control my lots off snap adds!

    Hello everyone , Any one can help me how to i control My daily HQ Usa Snapchat Adds more then 10k+. my clint model capacity control out. A few days ago i get only 3k adds but now a day i gotted 10k+ All adds come to e-where perpas. what can i do?
  3. michel hocks


    Hello, Freelancer, I need a classified adds poster for a long time.
  4. FlashDrive

    How to find Adds that are killer and then focus on finding a product.

    First, English is not my first languag. All grammar corrections are welcome My reasoning behind this thought is that I would like to find great selling adds and put a product behind that add that is similar or in the same nice as the original product. So that I don't would cut back a bit on...
  5. K

    monetize blocked sites in my country

    Hello BHW , do you know a way that i can make money by making accessible a site that is blocked in my country?
  6. G

    Click farm and competition - help needed

    Hey guys, we have problems with competition which is violently buying our brand name as a keyword on Google Ads. Is there any service you would recommend to click on their adds in the form of click farm? Thanks for any help!
  7. I

    Header add

    I am using WordPress but in desktop view my add does not appear in the header . While in Mobile view add appears ... Plz tell why???
  8. surendra21

    Looking for Coach who teach to create effective Facebook Ads / Google Adword Ads

    Hi, I am running an online store to sell jewelry in Pakistan. My store is located at I want to promote my products within PAKISTAN by facebook ads, Google Adword Ads and/or other medium. I am looking to get coaching from a professional...
  9. bofile

    There any one PPI Publisher face this problem (The site ahead contains harmful programs)

    Hey there are now lots of software and PPI publisher Blog and site was facing this problem.. any solution and have any virus free adds. please inform me i have a big problem. On Google chrome its show.
  10. J

    Is my content worth reading?

    Well, I want to start the thread by saying that I am sorry if I broke any rules, I just started my first blog and I want to know if my content is worth reading. I don`t want to promote my site(if by any chance some of you like what I wrote and come from time to time I`ll be more than happy) and...
  11. C

    Question: How To Make The first click on a webpage Open a New Window with adds

    Hello im looking for a way to get more clicks on my PPC (Black Label) adds on my website and i wanted to make it so The first click on a webpage Open a New Window with add i was wondering if there is a technical term for that method and-how would it be done example of a website with that is...
  12. A

    Cool Captcha + adds

    Hey guys, I was signing up on (big deal) But when signing up, I filled everything out, to get to the captcha to notice, they had a FRICKEN ADD INSIDE THE BOX before you get to the captcha....which you must do to sign up. Definatly worth checking out. I thought that was interesting...
  13. hculiver3rd

    What WebSite Can i Pay for Myspace Friends?

    What WebSite Can i Pay for Myspace Friends? Example: 100 Friends = $1* 1,000 Friends = $10* (Much Cheaper) PS. Any Tips On How I Can Pay And Gain Friends (All Friends Real-Fake-App Friends...etc.)? :yield:
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