Myspace Friend Blaster????


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May 13, 2008
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This might be off topic but lately I have been having problems collecting myspace IDs with friendblaster pro 10.0...... Maybe it doesnt work any more?????? I dont know... Has any one else had any problems....
I am also facing the same problem, perhaps it is not working as some months ago.
I know FBP did a program update after Myspace changed its page layouts a month or two ago. The newest version, I believe, is 10.1.0. Are you running that or 10.0.8?
nope I have 10.1.0 it sucks that it doesnt work hopefully an update happens...
I've downloaded it today from BHW, and it works good.

Does anyone know if it use proxies. Is it safe to switch between accounts ?
So, its probably safe to create accs with it.

The newest version I believe!!!!

uhm, anyone got the newest version?

I just posted it in the download section.

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