music video

  1. Jewishmoney

    I need someone who can help our youtube video get genuine views

    This is our video I need someone willing to act quick and get that money, first come first serve blat blat, I wanna see who has the biggest dick
  2. GNews

    How is this rap music video top result for "Rich Life Forever" ? Above Bob Marley, Above CNBC, more

    What about this music video keeps it at the top of search for "Rich Life Forever" ? Anyone have a clue? I've seen a few links to it but i there any extra analytics someone can give? Is it just the simple fact the eye candy keeps a higher user retention?
  3. J Lyrix

    Need an animated music Video (Trap song)

    I am a rapper looking for a good animated 2D or 3D video for one of my songs that is a 3+ minute song with at least 3 characters. I have a few request for clothing and accesories. It is a trap song. Im willing to spend between $200-300. My IG is J Lyrix.
  4. J Lyrix

    I need a cartoon music video for a song i made

    Im a music artist in need of a cartoon music video for a song of mine. Anybody know of a person who makes cartoon/animated videos? My IG is J_lyrix P.S. I only do PayPal.
  5. alexdiamond

    youtube music videos

    Hey guys, I help manage a hip-hop artist and we are having trouble gaining traction on our youtube channel. I cover the basis on uploads but just never get any substanstial traffic. we have also been having popular pages share our video on facebook and last time we accumulated over 600k views...
  6. Finn

    NEW Rammstein Music Video | How to generate attention in 2019 | 8 Million Views in under 24 hours

    Confirm your age and turn up your speakers.
  7. A

    Does it make sense to use ig/twitter to promote music video groups?

    So I know this music video group I want them to succeed and be popular among people. They are close friends and frankly I wanna give them this as a gift. The thing is, I want to use ig and twitter (and maybe fb) to promote them. Its a hiphop/rnb group. ANd I would like this group be more...
  8. zonfar

    This is what happens when you give a trick-or-treater a banana - PUPPET MUSIC VIDEO I MADE

    Sup BHW, I get inspired to make videos/music for various holidays. So I created a little something for this Halloween. Feel free to let me know anything you liked or disliked about this video, as I LOVE constructive criticism! :)
  9. A

    Music Video views on youtube

    Hi, im looking for someone who i can buy views off of and can increase my video view count over a period of time.
  10. K


    im trying to get my youtube chanel to grow.... I just put out a new music video that is a+++ well above average. But I'm needing a plan on how to get 1,000,000 views in less then 8 months. What is a black hat way to get more views and bring in more organic traffic. How can you get your video on...
  11. harold bump

    HQ Cultural Youtube Comments for Labels

    GIVEAWAY Launching a huge music video next week and i need people with music youtube channels that want to get free youtube comments. i have been using my youtube accounts to post a comment, upvote, reply and create conversations. I am willing to give away 1000 comments this week to the 10...
  12. M

    "Slimmer Shady" Music Video

  13. P

    Tumblr for music video promotion?

    Working out details for TW, FB, Reddit, and YT strategy at the moment, and I've never used tumblr, so... I don't mind digging in and doing a bunch of research on it if there's a point, but since the folks on here know a lot more than I do about it: Does tumblr provide a viable path for...
  14. P

    Twitter master strategy for promoting Music Video

    This thread is only for the Twitter portion. Other aspects asked elsewhere. I have music videos which have been focus tested and show much higher than average sharing potential. I am actively working on FB, YT, artist site, and mailing list aspects, but I am personally not a Twitter user. I...
  15. P

    B&W hat FB strategy 4 getting ball rolling for Music Video (native FB video upload) views

    This thread is for the FB portion of the strategy only. Will ask about other portions elsewhere. Looking to promote some music videos for new artist with no current following. There is very little money in it other than what trickles in from iTunes, and looking to use native FB video, so no...
  16. K

    Looking for someone to make me a cover art + audio reacting video

    Hello everyone ! I'm a music producer and I'm looking for someone who would be able to make cool looking cover art for my song and make some audio reacting video out of it. Something like this (sorry can't post links, search K-391 - This is Felicitas on youtube, it's the first video). If it...
  17. S

    Music Video Viral

    I am an artist and I find it cool for those artist who can make their music video viral. As in cooolll... Isn't it?
  18. S

    Who Create Music Video here?

    Did someone here also create videos of themselves making their music? Or some kind of music video itself. Creating it sounds cool, isn't it? :cat3:
  19. H

    Best way to generate 10,000 personalized videos and upload to YouTube

    I have original copyrighted material (songs) that I would like to match with a video and upload each personalized version to YouTube. I can have the video in any format. The songs are currently mp3's. Metadata would change to the file name. All videos would be the same length. I am looking for...
  20. G

    Youtube Views Needed on my video

    Hi Everyone, I have a music video that I need to get more plays on and maybe likes and comments to make it look realistic. I am aware that once it has so many views the more recognition it will get and the better it will do in the youtube searches. I have tried Vagex & Enhance views but they...
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