B&W hat FB strategy 4 getting ball rolling for Music Video (native FB video upload) views

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    This thread is for the FB portion of the strategy only. Will ask about other portions elsewhere.

    Looking to promote some music videos for new artist with no current following. There is very little money in it other than what trickles in from iTunes, and looking to use native FB video, so no ad revenue. I don't mind spending a little bit on advertising, the ROI isn't there for major ad campaign. The material is up to at least major label standards, though, and the few tests I've done show above average organic interest in sharing once people are exposed to it.

    I'm new, but learning fast. I am currently setting up BuzzBundle to organize personas, just ordered 10 semi-private proxies to allow scraping and manage persona responses in FB groups, etc. I also just started using Tube Assist (can't use TT as I'm on a mac). Mainly, though, I see most of the organic growth coming from FB. Especially with the native video autoplays, videos are way more visually captivating than anything I see popping up in my feed, so I just need to get it in front of as many people as possible, and the rest will take care of itself.

    Just set up fan page, yet to go live with it as I am figuring out some custom bits for it including how to add mailing list opt-in, etc.

    Major concerns are:

    1) Nothing can ever be allowed to jeopardize the fan page, artist site, or artist reputation in any way (no bans, no associations with anything that might damage reputation)

    2) That's it. I'm wide open to any and every possible way to crank it to 11 24 hours a day so long as rule 1 is never violated.

    So, I'm a noob, but here are my takes so far. Feel free to correct any misconceptions:

    1) Fake FB likes seem counter-productive to me. Not in it for bragging rights. Just want maximum eyeballs on the vids, and as many genuine double-opt-in fans as possible to join the mailing list.

    2) FB groups seem like a great place to focus. Seems like I need to learn as quickly as possible how to make the most of them with multiple personas.

    3) I've only got one call to action button at the end of the video. Most people who share will likely only share the video itself, so not sure what to do with the button. Link to website with mailchimp signup? Direct to itunes? Not sure. If I link to the site, should I do redirect in case FB bans the link at some point due to spammy behavior?

    4) I'm very intrigued by discussions about people rapidly getting 5k friends on a variety of interlinked bs personal pages (are they doing this through FB dating groups?) Seems like a good road to go, and I could share a few vids of other artists along with. If they get banned, mine was just one of several things shared.

    5) LOVING the concept of target audiences and scraping, but it seems I may have arrived late to that party. I have already made lists of similar artists who's fans would love the stuff I'm promoting, but not exactly sure what can still be done in that arena.

    6) New to a lot of the tools, so I want to make sure I make proper use of the proxies and such. It would suck royally to have my home IP banned by FB.

    Well, guys, that's what I've got so far. Several other irons in the fire, but FB is key, so I want to make sure I not only hit the ground at 1000mph, but that I don't screw something up or piss off potential fans in the process.

    Feedback greatly appreciated on any of the above, or other strategies I should dig into.
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