1. CPUGaming

    Is anyone in Spain?

    With or without S - doesn't matter :D I know that @MisterF, @bluematter and @t0mmy are there, but I am curious as to the other bhw'ers. :) How long have you been there? Have you managed to buy real estate or just renting? What do you like the most about the country?
  2. hideath

    Moving Subdomain to another

    Hi there, I have a subdomain of my website, I have been doing all the work on it. But, now I want to make more subsections of the website and I want to use this subdomain authority I'll make a simple 100% similar example for the case: is the subdomain I want to make more...
  3. javabro

    Moving to another country to work

    I am planning to move to Japan in less than a year. It is one of the easiest countries to get work visa right now. (if you know some Japanese). I am an SE guy. There are some big tech companies there. (and IT companies don't require fluency in Japanese) Don't get me wrong. I love IM. But I...
  4. William702

    Vegas is already too hot! Moving to Oregon and need advice

    Vegas has already topped 100F so it's time to leave for the summer. I'll probably not come back until Ungagged. Thinking of heading off tonight when its cooler so that I can drive the Nevada desert part and be in Reno before it heats up again. Were taking the hooptie because we will be camping...
  5. R

    Need traffic

    looking for traffic to my rent to own site...Anyone that has subprime traffic please contact me. PM ME
  6. Finn

    Share Your Touching Music [Deep Stuff]

    Just went through some songs and damn.. Its good to be here with you guys. Feel free to share and post your most touching Music if you have any. :)
  7. skeye

    [Advice] Moving website to HTTPS. 5 stages, step by step.

    Hi again. I've been doing this lately and decided to make a manual for y'all. It's pretty simple if you know the subject, so here goes. Stage 1. Preparing the website. Internal linking: change absolute links to relative links. Go with the format that removes protocol from the link, e.g...
  8. C

    Share your experience moving tumblr to your own hosted blog.

    Hello, please share your experience about moving your tumblr to your own hosted blog. what do you use for your blogging tool? Is there any other blogging tool beside Wordpress which has similarity or similarities to tumblr? pls helps, I'm about to move hehe
  9. blackbrooke

    WTA : Importing contents from different domain. How's google?

    Hello.. I?m a newbie and I would like to ask you guys about seo stuff. I have a warez blog and last week my domain was suspended. Luckily I managed to backup the database. So now I?m starting from beginning again, posting one by one taking a long time, the old database contains about 200 posts...
  10. R

    Wp expert advise needed - moving a site to WP

    Hi, I have a site (.net) that works and has traffic and I would like to rebuild it using WP. I built more than 30 wp blogs already so I know how to configure etc, but I always used a new domain. I want to build the blog in a subdirectory : write 301...
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