Vegas is already too hot! Moving to Oregon and need advice


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Feb 26, 2017
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Vegas has already topped 100F so it's time to leave for the summer. I'll probably not come back until Ungagged. Thinking of heading off tonight when its cooler so that I can drive the Nevada desert part and be in Reno before it heats up again. Were taking the hooptie because we will be camping for however long it takes to find a rental and then driving back down to get some of our things in a moving truck in a few days/weeks, so we need something bigger to camp in that can get beat-up off road. which means not being able to go faster than 60/65 and no AC!

We tried the full on digital nomad thing before living out of a truck traveling across the southwest with our dog (which made it a F#$% ton harder to go to places and work). It was pretty dope but way too difficult to work online, if anything we fell off the wagon a bit in terms of motivation to work as well so all in all it was pretty difficult to do it camping out of a vehicle. We stayed in national forests with intentions to stay for 14 days and just hammer out some work and get content written up for some guides and bloggs/pages etc. We would end up just messing around for a day or two and end up getting restless and moved on. So we never really did anything but travel and talk about idea upon idea and never did any action.

We have been in Vegas over the winter trying to figure out if we are going to stay in the US or go over to Wales where I'm from and have not come to a decision properly. We want to stay at least another year to set a few things up before going back to get my wife's immigration done over there. We both love the states so I doubt we will go back for a while though if I'm honest. We have three huge lockers full of our inventory and all the furniture from the office and warehouse we had for our ecomm business. We had a crazy good offer to store it there and that is about to run out and the rent on those lockers is enough for a house in parts of the US.

I have been reading that lots of smaller towns in Oregon have gig internet so we thought we would check that out. We have lived in Oregon in Eugene for 6 months in the past so we know what Oregon is like. But we have no idea what towns would be best for the value and speed of internet. We don't want o live in Eugene again. For every person living there, there are about ten homeless people. We only want to find a place for 6 months until we come back down to Vegas for the winter.

If anyone can vouch for the internet speeds in any of these towns/cities if you ever visited or lived there it would be helpful. I hear that Bend has pretty good internet and a decent tech scene. I have never been there before but I hear its a lot like Flagstaff AZ where I have lived so I sort of know what to expect.

The perfect dream scenario would be to buy a small piece of land and rent an office close by so that we have someplace to work with a good connection and have a place to do the whole camping outdoors thing while paying for a half acre or full acre of land and not paying thousands off of someones mortgage renting a house. Like I say though that would be the perfect scenario so what will probably happen is we will become sick of looking and being in the truck, take some shitty place that we'll be happy to get out of by the end of the summer.

Like I say if anyone can suggest some beautiful places to live up there that might have good internet or nice places to do the dispersed camping thing it would be much much appreciated. I will check in on this in a few days when we have recovered from the drive. Been in such a quandary about this and have been thinking about it for way too long that I have thought of too many scenarios every which way so i'm fried. I just need to find some magical town in the middle of the outdoors that has good internet.

While I cannot help your request, I do have a true story that may help your thoughts. While born in Carson City, Nv. I was raised between Las Vegas (in the days of mafia control) and Fair Oaks, California (outside Sacramento). When I turned 18 I decided that I would move to Los Angeles. I looked at the temperature charts for a few years and decided that 98 degree F. was a lot cooler than sometimes 120 degree F. of southern Nevada with nighttime temps still over 95 degrees. Well, I moved. I failed to take into account the difference in humidity. While anything higher than about 105 makes your skin feel like it is on fire in a desert climate anything over 95 degrees in L.A. was more miserable than high temperatures in the desert. I had to relearn this lesson when stationed in Louisiana and in Kansas. Be careful of what you are looking for in temperatures.
Just get a vps, then it doesnt matter how fast your own internet is. I travel a lot up here in the PNW, camping, backpacking and such. I just use a verizon internet hot spot device. It only gives phone speeds, but you only need a minimal connection to connect to the vps and the VPS will have fast connection speeds. BTW, if you make it up around Portland at all this summer hmu. I know a lot of cool spots to hit up here.

But if you stay down in Eugene, head east go down by detroit lake. Lots of cool camping spots and rivers to swim.
Never even knew about that, its the Verizon jetpack that we have so I will try this. Any recommendations on a company to use for a VPS, All the threads here seem pretty old, I guess I'm long behind the times. Will for sure send you a message if I am up that way.

It's one thing after another here. I was supposed to leave Monday but had to get registration done for this car before we left. and now its turned into needing heart-guard for the dog before we leave. it's due tomorrow so we didn't want to order it online and it was too late last night to go to the vet to pick it up so we are trapped here for another day in this heat. I'll be lucky if this car makes it up there as well. It's our camping truck (94 4runner) let's see how it does leaving the heat.

Thanks again for the advice and suggestions guys, appreciate it.
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Never even knew about that, its the Verizon jetpack that we have so I will try this. Any recommendations on a company to use for a VPS, All the threads here seem pretty old, I guess I'm long behind the times. Will for sure send you a message if I am up that way.

There are a lot of vps services. Quality is usually dependent on price as well. There is vultr, greencloudvps, hostwinds, site in my sig also offers managed vps as well. Id be sure you get a vps with windows server 2012 or up. Earlier version often have security and sometimes connection issues.
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