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  1. C

    Can I referral myself on the TEMU app?

    Sorry for my English not good. I currently own a phone farm with more than 200 devices TEMU app is paying a lot for referrers. I tried to referral myself, but only a few times TEMU accepted. The security of TEMU is quite high, I have tried many ways but most of them are detected. Do you know any...
  2. R

    Anyone know services that increase your mobile app's MAU?

    Hey, I'm looking for someone/a company that helps me get a high monthly active user (MAU) rate. It doesn't have to be "real", "organic" users who are truly interested in my app, I just want my MAU number to go up. Would be helpful if you could give me price details too! Thanks in advance
  3. Crypto Marketing

    MoneyGram Debuts Crypto Purchases On Mobile App

    Payments firm MoneyGram (MGI) has added a service to its mobile app allowing nearly all U.S. customers to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The company expects to grow those cryptocurrency selections over the coming year, pending global regulation. The new functionality is...
  4. AnyIPproxies

    Monetise your mobile app

    We are looking for mobile app developers who want to MONETISE their app. We have developed an SDK which allows you to create revenue without offering ads, subscriptions or purchases. My DMs are open and happy to give more info to those interested. you MUST have - an ACTIVE app in the play...
  5. A

    Money making mobile/web app ideas

    I am a programmer. I can develop mobile or web apps. Are there any good money making mobile or web app ideas ? I have already tried creating small apps. But they did not give me at least 5USD per month. I am from Sri Lanka and our country is in crisis these days. I'm not trying to become rich...

    CPI: why TOP affiliates work with it

    With networking and talking to lots of experts in the field we've singled out the following trends: (1) verticals and brands aspire to become more white-hat and thus (2) affiliate marketers are looking for other interesting verticals with great revenue. While working with gambling is great and...
  7. Alpha_Store

    We are Mobile Development team for Affiliate Marketing

    Hello, we are here to help users with their questions about mobile apps, make threads about actual situation with mobile apps on market and help people to improve their results. :)
  8. X

    How Has AppGyver Never Been Discussed on BHW?

    I just came across AppGyver and immediately signed up. I did a search here and saw 0 results, so I figured I would mention it in case others were looking to build some nocode apps - it's amazing. It's a no code app builder with all kinds of functionality: Rest API support, visual logic, tons of...
  9. all_rock

    How can i increase adwords installs?

    Hi friends, I try google ads for google play installs. But it progress slow. How can i increase installs without cpi increasing? or do you recommend another ad companies?
  10. S

    So...I did a thing... I cracked the pick 3 lottery in my state and 24 others...

    It has to be about 10 or 11 years since I've posted on this site. I miss it. Anyway, for the last two years, in my free time, I was working on an algorithm to spot patterns within the 3 digit lottery system. I know it sounds really technical, but ...picture somebody's mom sitting on the floor...
  11. syphaxmail

    I am looking for Android developer who can add coin system to my video chat app (will split profit)

    Hi, I have a video chatting mobile app and getting downloads average 50 per day (without spending any amount) all are organically downloads. I am thinking to add coin system and do paid promotions so that I can earn handsome money. App already has facebook ads integration Need coin system so...
  12. all_rock

    Using appodeal on 3rd party app market

    -Does anyone use appodeal on 3rd party app market (outside GooglePlay,Appstore,Amazon)? -Are ads shown? -If apps remove on Google Play,Appstore do ads still show(except admob, FAN)? They explained here. But it isn't enough for me. Does anyone experience? Thanks.
  13. syphaxmail

    Looking for content Mobile App

    Hi, My client is looking for contentt for Mobile App. App deals with General Knowledge, facts and numbers. Main categories are 1.History 2.Brain Test 3.Politicals 4.Scientific questions This is quiz based app and he can add more catogires later. Please share some sample questions with...
  14. SagarVerma

    Gradle Issues.

    Hi Folks! 2 days before I purchased one android app from Envato. When I am doing changes in app thru android studio, after open the project, its giving below error: Gradle sync failed: Cause: org/gradle/api/internal/plugins/DefaultConvention can anyone help to resolve this issue? i asked the...
  15. Winman

    React.js/React Native enthusiast looking for inspiration (app ideas)

    Hey there, Winman here, I've been a part of this forum for a loong time, and I've seen how much this community has contributed to the development of my career / business life. I'm a javascript developer that is currently in a shortage of ideas and want to occupy my time spent in isolation...
  16. gokmenefsun

    React Native vs Flutter or Java | Which one should be learn?

    Hello to everyone. I'm web developer and using js,html,css php. Besides, I am developing small-scale mobile applications with java. My goal is to learn new technologies, but because I am a web developer, react native attracts me. There is a situation like being able to produce products to all...
  17. F

    Need opinion from movies streaming fans

    Hi guys, I am wondering if you guys like to watch movies on website or on a mobile app. 1/Website : - Pros : No installation/update required to stream. - Cons : Your fav site can be taken down/DMCA and you'll have to find another, Most sites comes with Pop-Up ads which is so annoying...

    Android journey V2 (Blackhat)

    Hi guys, After failing the first journey ( made half of the goal), I've been off since and now I'm back to the V2 of war with google play. Long story short, I had success with blackhat mobile apps. I'm broke, and want back in the game. so this time there is no PLANNING and no GOALS at all since...
  19. sysads

    WordPress to Mobile App

    Hi I have similar site like 9gag and was wondering what template they used to make their Google Play store version or if there are native android templates that I can submit to Google Play store so it loads my website content. thanks
  20. rusemag99

    Mobile App Cookie

    Anyone know a way to attach a cookie to autofill referral code or other way to have the app, after installed, to have a ref code in the form when they create account? Thanks!