method to get ranked

  1. jollyman

    COMBO links - Guest post [ High DA x High TF ] + blog post [ High DA x High TF ]

  2. R

    Does this method improve SEO?

    I stumbled against a couple of pages that had a whole bunch of backlinks to one another but hidden in the html before the header. Any insight on improving seo with this technique? one of them is actually ranking #1 while I am #2 and they show literally less than 10 Backlinks where I have a...
  3. sathyavcs

    [METHOD] Simple SEO

    I have been seeing few post always {{give up|Quit|No more} seo} What I can say is - SEO is about PATIENCE, For some website we would see the SERP in a 1 week time for some website it take 30 to 40 days, so keep your work going sure will see the SERP improvement. Below is the basic method...
  4. R

    STION WEb 2.0 linking strategy

    I have a doubt .. Consider SITE) is a site with unique content and backlinks only with high PR and authority backlinks .. TIER 1 will have and a few more tier 1 sites .. TIER 1 is drip fed with random backlinks .. TIER 2 will have
  5. T

    100th post - My Method for ranking tough keywords for local businesses

    I've been on here for a long time now and have learned so much, so I wanted to share a technique that is a twist of many things I have learned on here along with my own stuff. Some of the things I describe in here you might have to read other posts to fully understand. But that's what I've...
  6. excaflowne

    my site ranked #2 on a minor search engine..

    Hello, this is my first thread actually, i found this while autosurf, in a new search engine ( i forgot to write it ) my keyword is in #2 with over 2 million competition, while in google i ranked only #25 ! :( just confuse me though in many diversities of seach engines algorithm... :confused:
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