100th post - My Method for ranking tough keywords for local businesses

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    I've been on here for a long time now and have learned so much, so I wanted to share a technique that is a twist of many things I have learned on here along with my own stuff. Some of the things I describe in here you might have to read other posts to fully understand. But that's what I've learned from this site, you are best off to read everything, test everything, and constantly work hard to make your sites rank.

    This technique is something I have been doing for a while now and it's brought in a massive amount of traffic, and has resulted in sales, business and clients!

    Here are some possible uses.
    1. To promote a local business
    2. Promote a product
    3. Promote a video on youtube
    I'm sure you can think of more, but I'll be talking about how I used this to promote a local business.

    Step 1. Make sure your money site is all set up, it has to look fantastic in this case I'm promoting a business in the area, they need a lot of seo help, and have been slowly moving up in serp. But most importantly the site has to look excellent and make people want to stay.

    Step 2. Set up targeted url sites. These will NOT be your money site. They will just be used to pull traffic into your money site. They will end up being highly optimized auto-blogs For example if I was promoting a dentist in chicago I would purchase the domain dentistsinchicago, something like that. Make sure you do all the proper keyword research before you buy the domain.

    Step 3. Install wordpress & setup autoblogs related to your niche on these domains(do one at a time). There are free autoblog options I have used and they work good, but personally I use wp-robot. It's worth it. Create a few hundred posts, and make sure you optimize them the best you can. I use all-in-one seo to optimize and I also use the word replace for most of the articles I'm adding to my posts. For example if I'm ranking for chicago dentist I replace 80% of the words "dentist" with chicago dentist.

    Step 4. I'm not positive if this step is important, but I do it just to be safe. This is make sure your autoblog is getting traffic. Set up simple google analytics on the site, make sure your posts are indexed and most of the traffic is coming from search engines. I like to wait a week or two, and you'll see traffic trickle in usually you'll see people stay on the site for a tiny amount of time like 10 seconds, because they are not very interested in what your autoblog has to offer, but don't worry, it doesn't matter! All you need is constant traffic.

    Step 5. Install WP-Core Conversions plugin on your autoblogs. You can find it in the download section

    Once you have installed this, don't worry about any of the settings, because here's what you are going do to, go into the appearance section and edit your theme.

    add this to the footer right below the closing body tags Credit to: Jericho BHW member for this code

    <div id="overlay"></div> 
    <div id="popup" class="fullscreen"> <a href="#" title="Close Window" class="close">
    <img src="http://www.***YOURSITE***.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-cconversion/images/icons/close.png" width="30" height="30" alt="Close Window" />
    </a> <div id="popupMain">
    <iframe src="***affiliate linke***" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.***YOURSITE***.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-cconversion/js/close.js"></script>
    add in your autoblog url to the ***Yoursite*** and your money page to the ***affiliate link*** section

    This will add a layer of your money site over your autoblog on the entire site.

    Step 6. Download the following plugins
    swfObject Reloaded - a great way to add flash to your site(which you'll need)
    Custom Post Text - this lets you add custom text to every post on your site

    Step 7. Create flash action script .swf file that waits for the user to be on the page for a few seconds, and then re-directs to your money page. This way when someone goes to one of your autoblog pages that they found from google, it will load your autoblog, and load your money site over it and wait a second or two and re-direct it to your money site.

    Step 8. Upload the .swf file to a post copy the code from that upload, then go to your custom post text plugin and paste it into the footer section. Save it. This will make every post wait for a few seconds and then re-direct to your money page.

    Step 9. Create twitter profiles of people in the target city you are promoting to. Add your autoblog feeds to twitterfeed to set up automatic tweets, also add local newspaper rss's to it too so it mixes them in with the tweets.

    Step 10. Promote your twitter profiles. I use tweetattacks, and follow lots of local press and radio outlets. This way I know I'm reaching target people for my clients.

    Now here's what happens with the user
    They either click a link in a twitter profile that is spitting out links from your autoblog sending them to your autoblog site, or they type in some search query, say "best local dentists in chicago" your autoblog results come up in the organic search, they click the link, it loads your money site over the article, they like it because it looks nice, a few seconds go by and the domain changes to your actual money site.

    You can keep building autoblogs that lead to the money page, and keep in bringing in targeted traffic!

    I have one site that was low in the big G when I first started, and now we are #1 ranking for some highly competitive keywords, and the business is making a ton of money from my services and is extremely happy to pay me.

    So that's my technique, I hope it helps, if anyone has any questions post them here and I'll answer them. Before you ask though, be sure to do a search to see if your answer is already out there. I purposly didn't go into super detail in areas because they are covered in other posts here on BHW and you'll find the most value from doing the research for yourself so instead of being spoonfead, you'll fully understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. There is a massive amount of info on this site, so keep on reading, testing, and implementing the things you learn.

    I hope this helps you as much as it has for me!
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    do u manage to beat google place listing ? :06:
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    Very interesting approach, but what happens when someone "outs" your strategy of autoblogging to your clients?

    I'm assuming that they'll be pissed off, no?

    Either way. Interesting method indeed. Also, aside from autoblogging whats your backlinking methods? Ranking for Chicago Dentist requires more than just autoblogging backlinks.