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  1. worldbehindloki

    Do not change Instagram account category from starting category to new one!

    Okay so this is just for the future reference to those Insta account hodler who are willing to switch their current channel genre to new one just because they have reached the high number of followers. Do not do it. Let us say you had started the IG account with meme page and it grew because...
  2. Starblazer

    Meme Marketing is the next generation of Internet Marketing

    Everything in marketing is a variable except one fundamental thing. Anything that draws the attention of a user for a moment is a marketing opportunity. If you understand it, you can understand 90% of the trends in marketing. Let it be the hot girls in a car advertisement, adventures for a...
  3. Salman.Ahmed

    Anyone tried meme's or funny pictures niche on Instagram?

    I've been thinking about starting one and has a pretty solid plan but only thing that is stopping me is whether it will be profitable or not. Generating revenue through shout outs is possible but it's very low ROI. Anybody made money through these niches? Share your experience if you want to :)
  4. crissdinesh

    Article 13 passed in Europe

    Hey BHW! What’s your take on this? How will it affect Bloggers and YouTubers of other countries? It still requires final approval by the European Council on April 9.
  5. NewbieMango

    How to make money with a screenshot/meme Facebook page?

    I started a Facebook page a couple of days ago after my friends advised me to do so since what I post on my private profile gets a lot of attention(likes/shares). I have a giant folder with memes and funny screenshots taken from all over the internet from sites like reddit and tumbler. now how...
  6. B

    Instagram Shadowban

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking on this site for a while and this is the first time I've ever posted. I have a meme account that I've grown to 8k, and over the past week, I've been getting a constant 300-400 followers per week. However, all of a sudden, my views have dropped massively. Today I...
  7. is66c

    A word of advice if you're trying to advertise your niche through instagram.

    I'm gonna keep things short and sweet here. do NOT advertise your product or website on Instagram meme pages. No matter how many followers, stay completely away from meme pages. I'm in contact with several pages on Instagram, with followers from the 100Ks to 1Ms. Most of them post memes, and...
  8. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Why Some of Instagram's Biggest Memers Are Locking Their Accounts

    Over the past six months, some of Instagram's biggest meme pages — like Shithead Steve, with more than 2.5 million followers, howitlook.s (8 million), couplesnote, (8.2 million) greatercomedy, (5.3 million), Pubity (5.1 million) , and more — have locked down their accounts, forcing non-followers...
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