1. all_rock

    Using appodeal on 3rd party app market

    -Does anyone use appodeal on 3rd party app market (outside GooglePlay,Appstore,Amazon)? -Are ads shown? -If apps remove on Google Play,Appstore do ads still show(except admob, FAN)? They explained here. But it isn't enough for me. Does anyone experience? Thanks.
  2. nirose

    1 Year of Mindfulness App Headspace Plus (US IP may be required)

    Most of us are stressing out over the uncertainity of the situation. Gotta get yourself calm to make the most of it. This is intended for people in the US, but it's a global problem. Everyone might appreciate it. No CC required, just create a new account and add the subscription...
  3. shapo86

    Free Himalayan Institute care package for COVID-19

    I found this while browsing my Facebook timeline and I thought I should share it with you "Our care package to you—meditations, classes, and inspirational messages for building mental, emotional, and physical resilience in these unprecedented times. Free for everyone—share with your loved...
  4. LuckyGirl9334

    Does anyone do yoga or meditation before they start work?

    I'm just wondering because I think I may start if it works for you all.
  5. Alex0808

    Meditation ( He do meditation like this )

    Watch it at 14:30 insane
  6. pulok

    Is there anyone who use meditation to solve there problem?

    Hi,i am in forum for a long time but still not came up with anyway to earn any money.I 've read more than 100 methods to make money online without investment but still did not figure out how to do it.Now i know i am doing something really wrong.I first try meditation couple of months ago and it...
  7. A


    Here is a video i found for meditation and sleep or reading can you suggest music video for meditation?
  8. monkmind

    Meditation : pewep, monkmind & who else?

    Shalom humans..,
  9. Greengolegend

    Go meditate

    Hi people from blackhatworld. This thread is not directly linked to business in any way. But in many accasions this will improve your business life aswell. Why? Because stress will be less and even in stressful moments you won't be affected as much anymore. You will be less likely too make...
  10. 1337python


    Hello BHW, I want to start meditating, I want to be able to use my chi. Is there anyone here who meditates? If so could you give me some useful links, tricks, tutorials? Also what do you think about meditation in general? As for me, I think meditating will help me achieve full control of my mind...