matt cutts

  1. crissdinesh

    How To Rank Number 1 on Google? Hmm. Great Question!

    Have Fun!
  2. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Matt Cutts Asked Mozcon Not To Bring In Black Hat Speakers

    Rand Fishkin who ran Moz said on Twitter that back in the day, Matt Cutts (formerly of Google) "tried to get Mozcon not to invite black/gray hats to speak." It is an interesting point because I heard rumors like these with many conferences but yet, I've never seen a conference organizer say it...
  3. KHer0

    [Ahrefs Troll!]Matt Cutts offers his SEO services Worldwide now after leaving google!

    Hey I was doing some Kw research on ahrefs when a blog post got my intentions. As I started reading and thought this worth sharing :) Apparently, Matt Cutts offers his services worldwide and charges just $500-$1,000 per month. Anyway here is the source And the article as I think beside Matt...
  4. troin

    Matt Cutts Officially Resigns From Google Matt Cutts - the former head of the webspam team at Google and black hatters enemy no.1, has announced he has officially resigned from Google. He joined the US Digital Service team, working for the government. Good luck bro, we will...
  5. gooma2

    Matt Cutts Jumping Into SEO Biz Now

    So ex/onvacation/sabatical/ Matt Cutts is jumping into the SEO biz with a new product called SEO Ninja. Read about here on his blog They're giving away invites right now and not charging anyone with a biz that has less than 100 employees. If you've got over that, you gotta pay...
  6. Nitros

    Matt Cutts does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Matt Cutts in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :D
  7. Georgebg

    VitaRank - Powerful WhiteHat SEO Agency | Guaranteed Service | 24/7 Support

  8. bluematter


  9. jimmylegs

    So Once Again, Matt Cuts is Pulling Plugs On Social Signals

    Hey everyone just thought I would share this blog post explaining how twitter and facebook don't matter anymore for Google Link building is getting tougher so...
  10. Mrnewbie

    Guest blogging passing away- Matt Cutts

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 01/21/2014 ---- I honestly don't think its dying just has to be done in the proper niche for it to be relevant. What do you think? Source
  11. G

    The Death of Guest Blogging

    Interesting read by Matt Cutts...and he was quite decisive as well. Guest blogging might now be considered black hat depending on the way you use it. It's no longer deemed a recommendable white hat technique. If you were thinking about going fully white hat, and you are planning to use guest...
  12. tahworld

    Post your reaction to the tweets of Matt Cutts

    Feel free to delete thread, some people can't take a joke. Stop taking life so serious people. I'm sure even Matt Cutts would laugh, if you're that worried about him.
  13. yogi31286

    [Proof] Matt Cutts is Reading BHW!!

    Just saw this on hackernews and thought to update you all. Took Screenshot of exact conversation: More conversation at : I am not surprised actually but this is the 1st proof i saw online by matt c*tts speaking about our BHW!
  14. ddarkos

    Matt Cutts: Larger Websites Don't Automatically Rank Higher on Google

    Matt Cutts: Larger Websites Don't Automatically Rank Higher on Google But does Google really bring sites higher or better if the website has more pages indexed in the search results? This is the topic of the latest webmaster help video. Does a website get a better overall ranking if it has a...
  15. RichardUK

    Tw@t Cutts says Social Signals Don't Count?

    Anyone hear the news? Do you think social signals are a waste of time now? I guess it depends what niche your in, tweeting about mahogany toilet seat providers probably won't get you much traffic but do you think he's BSing?
  16. MattCutts

    Can You Guys Get Rid of The Background in These Photo's for Me? - Matt Cutt Pictures

    Wah Wah, again late to party guys. Once again the black hatters reject me. I can't get anything right :(
  17. N

    Screenshot of Matt Cutt's Adsense Account Leaked!

    It's all starting to make sense now... :ballchain
  18. Bostoncab

    Hey Matt Cutts is Larry Page a "drug dealer"?

    It seems to be what this article is alleging.
  19. zoomsixx

    Matt Cutts: Google Penguin 2.0 Coming in 'Next Few Weeks'

    There has been much speculation this week about some kind of major Google update. Google Penguin 2.0 was not the blame if you've lost search traffic. But you can expect the next Penguin update in the next few weeks, Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts has confirmed. Full article...
  20. F

    The Short Cutts: Matt Cutts SEO Videos With Quick Questions & Answers

    Google has published over 500 videos on the Webmaster Help YouTube Channel, most of those videos features Matt Cutts answering quick SEO related questions. Sometimes you want the quick answer from Matt Cutts and sorting through hundreds of videos with the average length of two to five...
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