mass planner

  1. Salahedka

    Jarvee likes blocked

    Hey guys , I have 3 instagram accounts , I use 3 dedicated proxies 1 accounts = 1 dedicated proxy And Likes get blocked those are settings that I use Help please
  2. henryhuy


    Look on Proxy Manager on Mass Planner / Jarvee: I have some account Response time on 600 - 1100 and another account Response time 2100 - 2600 I knew that is the different regions location proxy serve. Can who explain to me the best time response for proxy and Can I change proxy service/VPS to...
  3. johnhustle007

    Accounts getting checkpoint! Who have some safe accounts I can buy?

    Running a test! Account keep getting hit with email or phone check point...... Who have a method or some accounts I can buy! I don’t need a lot, just a few for a quick test. Thanks in advance
  4. Catsio


    HELLO guys, do you know where i can get this tools or who know someone who would sell it to me ! ;) (I Know they have a lot other software to automate, but this is i think by far the best for instagram)
  5. widchy95

    Mass planner and Instagress Alt.

    can u suggest me great alternative mass planner and instagress bot since they are no longer avaible
  6. L

    The Ultimate Instagram Automation Tool

    Hi everyone, So I've been using FollowLiker for a couple weeks now and am very impressed although there are some bugs. I have a Social Media Management company and am looking for a long-term tool and contract. I also have a strategy for how many to follow on each account, based on how many...
  7. Royalwithcheese

    Mass Planner 2 ?

    Hey I heard you were talking shit !! Just kidding, I heard there's some Mass Planner 2 that appeared lately is that right ? I mean if so where can we buy it ? is it safe to use ? mean we don't risk anything like the accs or malwares and stuff like that.. Thanks
  8. Newbuzz

    Looking for a Twitter bot that run on web. Like instagress

    Looking for a Twitter bot that runs on web. Just Like instagress. Can anyone suggest..?
  9. sanjananb Version 2: The Instagram Marketing Bomb!! It's Time to Dominate Instagram Marketing.

    Hello Fellow BHW Members, I am here to introduce to you the one and only tool you will need for your Instagram marketing needs, schedule all your posts and automate everything from the same platform. Ladies and Gentlemen, May We Proudly Present to you Version 2 Auto Activity...
  10. Newbuzz

    Looking someone using followliker to manage my account. Will Pay monthly

    Hello guyz i am looking for someone who is using followliker. I want someone to add 2 of my accounts on his followliker . I will pay you on monthly basis. As i dont want to buy a full version = monthly fees + VPS Cost + Proxies cost . If anyone is interested reply with the cost.
  11. R

    mass planner

    Can anybody help me with support mass planner support? Sky Facebook Yahoo Gmail Thank all
  12. fxmanaged

    The New Instagram Auto Comments = Lower Follower

    We run 5 luxury IG pages and know a lot of marketers who run them as well for both business and personal reasons. We have used Mass Planner for over a year to both auto comment (with many spintax variations) and auto like the posts of the members of multiple DM groups we are also members of. In...
  13. S

    Mass Planner Refund?

    I know quite a few people on here were affected by the Mass Planner shutdown and the core reason for us purchasing the subscription was for the Instagram capabilities. My Instagram features have all but almost completely been shutdown (only 2 auto followers and 100 auto likes) since what...
  14. S

    HELP! Not getting verification email from Instagram

    Hi, so email works fine. Im getting password reset emails. When I changed password and login it says "Suspicious activity, we sent a 6 verification emails". Not getting anything! I even switch email providers. Waited several days, tried again, still no. I'm getting "hey see what's up...
  15. D

    A few simple questions regarding Instagram + Mass Planner

    Hey Black Hat Fam, what's good. Itcha boi Yung Seneca here. First post on the forum actually. Yeah, just some simple questions I'm not sure about. I am getting started with Mass Planner to help automate a few instagram accounts. 1. What is the purpose of purchasing aged accounts? I just made an...
  16. S

    Mass Planner: Proxy IP question.

    Hi! so, i'm currently using 1:1 (instagram account : proxy IP). However, some IPs have similar prefixes. Does anyone know if Instagram for patterns over some IP range? For example see the same 2 ips below (which I have modified up of course).
  17. S

    Marketing Tips for Facebook?

  18. S

    Want to spam Instagram posting same photos over and over

    So I am looking to be able to "spam" under the radar. Folder of 300-400 photos, posting to 5-8 accounts, with 20-25 different captions. Can put this into Follow Liker or Mass Planner. I need to post about 12 hours per day - posts go off every 10-15 minutes. Do-able? Do I need to run on a...
  19. S

    Shoe Designer Looking for Some Mass Planner Help

    Hello, I have a well loved brand. We have solid but relatively small organic following. I want to run Mass Planner in house. Would I be able to find someone that would work with me and my team in person to teach us how to use and set it up? We are based in NYC. I know that in person is very...
  20. FBM

    Checking Inbox/PMs on Instagram with MP?

    Good morning all! Is there a way to check the inbox of your Instagram accounts? They are on foreign proxies and I can't seem to find a way to do it using MP using the browser.. Lemme know! Midas
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