mass mail

  1. D

    I am looking for a bulk e-mail program

    Good day everybody, I am looking for a program which I can send bulk e-mail lists with (like sendblaster). I need to be able to send the mail with SMTP server. I am looking for a program with the following two options: -Letter rotation (multiple letters rotating on the sending list) -SMTP...
  2. T

    Mass email services

    Hi, I'm looking to send mass emails, could be 100 000 on a daily basis, i'm looking for services that provide that ability along with: Blacklisting\Protection - Not looking to get blacklisted or blacklist the service itself or alternatively use a service someone else has burned. Provides...
  3. flashsites

    SPAM - Email Mass Sending Dos and Dont's

    Hello. Im going to start pushing 20k emails a day to scraped emails sending them to a landing page. I think I should use a URL redirect as the landing page is connected to my mother site. But is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? Im sending a simple join my list form *if...
  4. H

    Mass email marketers needed

    We have multiple campaigns and looking for email marketers that can: - scrape or guess emails based on Linkedin profiles data - mass mail them in a fashion that it looks like 1on1 email, not bulk-mailed, not relayed from mailer software. How can you do it? Do you have SMPT to do it or which...
  5. goprowithiln

    Email Marketing In 2020

    Hey, I have a lot of data that's all totally clean, and relevant to my affiliate offers. However it's so difficult to mail volume now outside of main ESPs, and once I get one shut down, it's so hard to hit the emails again. Anyone got any mass mailing techniques still working?
  6. Seagate44

    How to inbox Gmail? Need help.

    Hey I know there are a lot to say about it, I think I've read every post on BHW I could find, still didn't solve my problem. So I'm using Sendy+AmazonSES and send 400-1200 emails/day. It's not a lot, bounce rate is <5%, my domain has good reputation, it's not on blacklists etc. Mail tester gave...
  7. D

    Bulk E-Mailing though GSuit?

    Hey guys, recently I thought about bulk mailing with GSuite. They offer user licenses for 6$/month which is very cheap. I found this article which states that the daily sending limit to unique E-Mail addresses is 130 times the number of users licensed under a GSuite account...
  8. J

    What is the best SMPT for sending cold emails (spamming)?

    Hi everyone, I am looking into ways how to send emails to people. I just installed Mautic and connect it with Sendgrid smpt. Yesterday I managed to send 8k emails but now I can not login to their account anymore so it means I got banned. What are my other options. I could try many different smpt...
  9. KJREDDY247@


    While creating an amazon ses account when i select business account if i give proper domain and wrong address ( business is not registered in real ) , will there be any problem in future? or do they ask any licence number or something in further steps while setting up my SMTP?
  10. KJREDDY247@

    PowerMTA/ Mass mailing server setup Guidance?

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can teach me/ setting up my own mailing server or teach me at some cost. I was trying to learn these but had been unsuccessful till now, I would love to hear from some who are working on power mta+ interspire/mailwizz/mumara etc or any other with SMTP and IP...
  11. F

    Advanced mass/bulk email system

    Need someone to build a mass-mailing system like the following: User-friendly dash board (I.E. MailWizz, Mumara, Acellemail, Modoboa) Rotating sending servers using ElasticEmail API, SendGrid API, and private servers (Offshoreracks, etc) Outbound spam filtering (Spamexperts) Rotating IPs...
  12. M

    Mass mail provider needed

    Hi guys. looking for mass mail provider for up to 500K emails. since the project is legit, it is crucial not to compromise the domain. please ping me if you can do that professionally
  13. dreadpixel

    LINK & GROW: Linkedin Profile/Group/Company Email/Lead Extractor, Contact Adder, Mass Emailer & more

    Linkedin Datamining for Professionals. We are managing constant updates and follow clients suggestions to add new features every month. This is a lifetime payment. We will update and change later for monthly fee. So hurry up. Inside the software you will find a FORUM About-> Support. (This is a...
  14. Markk7

    The newsletter to gmail accounts goes into spam. How to solve?

    I have many customers with GMAIL accounts (50k+), and when I want to send the newsletter, gmail accounts do not receive it because the message is delivered in spam. The newsletter is sent from my server with SPF and DKIM correctly set and SSL certificate active. My IP is cleaned by blacklist...
  15. R

    Mass Mailing to B2B (USA, UK or Worldwide)

    We have our own uncleaned list of 5M businesses, but are in a small time window for this and do not have the time to set up rotating IPs. So we thought we'd offer this to someone having a similar list and the infrastructure to reach out to it. If you are that guy, this is an opportunity for...
  16. DanTe_0101

    Looking for bulk mail allowed servers/hosting providers

    Hi, I am into mailing and recently started creating my own servers and now I am searching for hosting companies that are bulk mail friendly and won't shut down my servers because of some spam complaints. I have very good mail list and less bounces too but sometimes due to complaints my server...
  17. 2colt5

    Email Marketing+CPA?

    Hi guys, I am new to internet marketing. I have been building a couple different targeted email lists. I am trying to send them my cpa link, that I know will convert well. The problem is, it is going to their spam filter. will mailchimp fix this? Are there any options such as cloaking or...
  18. 2colt5

    Email Marketing ??s

    Hello everybody, fairly new to the forum. I have been building an email list, so I can send CPA offers to the recipients. the problem is, Gmail is sending my message to the spam filter, obviously because of my affiliate offer. What can I do to prevent my messages from going straight to the spam...
  19. fastlinks

    [JV] join me to blast email

    Do you have targeted email list but struggle to inbox? I have many mail servers for high volume email blast, let's make serious cash with a joint venture. i can help clean the email data and make squeeze pages to collect opt in, if you prefer to make money fast, we can just blast directly to...
  20. Merylnoire

    Getting to know the community

    Hey Everyone I just created this account because I spent a lot of time figuring out how to growth hack. I did everything from scraping Craigslist to verifying 150 Gmail account by phone. I look forward to share knowledge and exchange information. -M
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