market samurai help

  1. B

    Market Samurai Big Bug?

    Hello guys, been using market samurai for research and competitors analysis But from the last 3 updates everything fucked up. 1st Update : Trends analysis doesn't work and an adwords ratio removed 2nd Update : broad and phrase removed 3rd Update : any time i try to do a research or...
  2. G

    Market Samurai - SEO COmpetition module buggy?

    Hi Guys, Have you noticed a problem with SEO competition module in Market Samurai? I tried to contact support but noone replied to my ticket in almost 2 weeks. Moreover they don't have any presale support so I just use trial account. If I choose " Slovakia" and " Slovakia" for country and...
  3. goingreen

    Market Samurai Formula - Keyword Research

    Ever wondered why Market Samurai has an ability to export data in its keyword research module? To build formulas to quickly as easily identify your data amongst its various fields. This method is somewhat to similar to Micro Niche Finder from my understanding , but will pinpoint data quickly...
  4. I

    Market Samurai with proxies (The possibilities)

    Hey, I have Market Samurai but am worried about the constant and high volume searches It completes when the software runs. The cause of worry Is : "Will Google Ban my Ip for using market samurai" Okay, this said I also wanna be better safe than sorry. Is there a way to use Market Samurai with A...
  5. H

    Any Advanced SEO Analyst Or MS Experts Wanna Look @ This And Gimme Your Opinion?

    Ok so I have been doing a Lot of offline work lately with small bussiness and helping them drive traffic among other things. Well Below you will see two screen captures for two highly profitable niches I would like to get into next. The problem is I only have time to get into one right now and I...
  6. crack_dhat

    Market Samurai Mystery Module - Released?

    Was this Mystery Module released already? Do you have an idea what this mystery module will do?
  7. S

    Help with SEO analysis for a keyword in Market Samurai

    Hi all. I want to create a website for a specific keyword. Here's the top 10 rankings for this keyword using Market Samurai: #3 = digg article related to keyword #4 = google book product #5,6 = Oreilly related product/article #7,8 = amazon related product Only the first 2 spots have the...
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