Any Advanced SEO Analyst Or MS Experts Wanna Look @ This And Gimme Your Opinion?


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Oct 6, 2009
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Ok so I have been doing a Lot of offline work lately with small bussiness and helping them drive traffic among other things. Well Below you will see two screen captures for two highly profitable niches I would like to get into next. The problem is I only have time to get into one right now and I want to know what you guys think would be easier. They are both worth the same as far as what my clients would be willing to pay so it just boils down to which one would be easier to set up and rank for. Shoot me a pm or leave a reply here. Also if your interested I will give you the keywords for the one I don't use to whoever leaves the best reply (although Don't get your hopes up too high because they are both something so simple you've probably already thought of) Also Just to let you know the sites with the red and blue squares next to them are just directories like Y3llerpages and Y3lP

the 2nd one imo.. its not even close.

However, my ultimate decision would also depend on how many searches each one had.
Well at first instance I see right away that with the second one you will reach #1 in no time, the first one you will rank #2 in no time. It might take a while to outrank the #1 in the first keyword, but that page got a PR of 1 so it shouldn't take too long.

Both are easy, I would do both, if you don't have time then outsource some of your work
the searchs are about the same service price offered by the two is about the same as well
kinda weird though i guess
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as far as outsourcing goes most of the work pretty much already is and i dont want to hire anybody new cause then that creates more work that to be honest with you i dont fell like doing
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They are both easy. Hit the 2nd one first as it is the easiest but if you keep at it then the other one will come through too. These are very easy keywords to get on page 1 for, but don't expect results in a couple of weeks. It will still take a little time.

Here are a couple of screenies of words I rank #1 for, just to give you an idea of how to gauge the competition.


This one took about 3 months to get to #1


This one I think was about 5 months. I was on page 1 for a long time before that though.
Actually I was expecting results within a couple of weeks as I always outsource the linkbuilding to crmarjunkarthik from this thread
He does'nt great work and more than half the link show up on google with in a week.

Questions? Do you think that it would be possible to rank within say 3 weeks if I buy package 2 from the above mentioned thread for every page of the site(3 pages)?

Let me know what you guys think
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It really depends on the state of your website. If your page is already established with decent links to the domain then new pages will rank a lot quicker than on a fresh domain. The only exception might be with an exact domain name match. If the domain is brand new than I really doubt you will get there in such a short period. The competition is weak though, so you might be in some luck.

2 weeks is a pretty short period. If you got some decent links from a few authority sites then you might be able to get it.

If the short time frame is really important then I would write an Ezine Article or similar targeting the keyword along with your website page (link to it in the resource box) and use the ezinearticle to send you some traffic while your page works it way up. Throw in some press releases too.
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